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    Celebrity Hairdressers Share Their Strategies

    Celebrity Hairdressers

    Some great tips from Celebrity hairdressers.

    Hat tip to the Louisville The Courier-Journal for this neat article with celebrity hairdresser tips.

    Style Matters Look like a star
    Celebrity hairdressers share their strategies

    By Christine Fellingham

    Style Matters columnist

    Special to The Courier-Journal

    You rarely spot one-namers such as Angelina, Demi or Jessica looking anything but chic — but that’s not just because they’re geneticalSpill some of their best insider celebrity hairdresser insights forly gifted. It’s also because they’ve got a slew of celebrity hairdressers at their beck and call.

    If you or I could have a big-name celebrity hairdresser running from designer showroom to designer showroom orchestrating our outfits, we’d probably look paparazzi-ready too.

    But why shouldn’t we mere mortals have some of the same fashionable guidance that overpaid celebrities get? After all, we may need it more.

    So I called all my favorite celeb image handlers and asked them to spill some of their best insider celebrity hairdresser insights. Here are six of their great tips to help focus and update your look in the new year.


    The fashionistas of the world are following our lead and pulling out the hats for big occasions.

    “I love the drama of a hat,” says celebrity hairdresser Phillip Bloch, who styles Jada Pinkett Smith, Salma Hayek and Sandra Bullock and is a fashion expert for E! Channel.

    “They finish an outfit, they frame your face and they’re having a moment in fashion,” Bloch says. “You can wear them for events and parties, but I love them with jeans and a long sweater or a fitted coat.

    “Right now, the bigger the better.”


    “The bronzed look is just about done,” says Michelle Burke, the makeup artist for “Elizabethtown” and the upcoming “Mission: Impossible III.”

    “Everyone is doing it — and not very well. They tend to look either too sparkly and fake or too brown and flat.”

    Burke’s pick for the new year?

    “Not pink, but apricot,” she says. “I use sheer peach on lighter skin and a deeper, more ambery tone on darker skin. But it adds this fabulous ping of color to your face. Just smile and dust it on the apple of your cheeks. It gives you this great healthy flush.”


    What’s over for the new year?

    “Those big hair clamps,” says Enzo Angileri, the celebrity hairdresser who jets around perfecting Charlize Theron’s locks.

    “They were OK when they were just tortoise color. Now you see women with their hair up in these gigantic purple clamps that match their outfits — it’s awful.”

    Instead, he says that we — like Charlize — should tame our tresses with headbands.

    “I don’t like the schoolgirl kind,” he says, “but a skinny black ribbon or simple grosgrain or a clear Plexiglas style looks very clean and modern. I love them whether your hair is down or short or long or even in a ponytail. It works whether you’re dressed up or not.”


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    1. where can I get a false pony tail like the ones Jennifer Lopez and Charlise Theron were recently seen wearing. All the wig sites have pony tails on combs, and these sit flat to the head and don’t look very natural. Jennifer and Charlise both had these really sleek cool looking pony tails coming straight out of the hair – just like a real one. They were definitely false though – at least Charlise’s was, as she has short hair. I have looked at all the wig sites I can find online, and there is nothing close.

      Comment by Stacey Almond — March 19, 2006 @ 3:32 pm

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