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    Curl Your Hair With a Flat-Iron

    Hairstylist Curling Hair of Woman with a Flat Iron

    This is a great how-to video, easy and to the point!

    If you are struggling with how to choose the right flat-iron, you’re going to love this article. I came across this video a while back, got buried with other things and basically forgot about it. But, it’s a quick and simple video on how-to get great curls from your flat-iron. One question that keeps cropping up on their comment board is, can you do this with your flat-iron and will it hurt your hair? The answer is yes, any flat-iron will work. The width of the iron will determine the size curl you create. I think this was a 1 1/2″ size used in the video.

    You don’t need to pay a fortune for a good flat-iron, but there are some features clearly worth including. Here is a good article on how to choose the right flat-iron; In considering the health of your hair, start by using the right products, you’ll get a better finish and save your hair from excessive heat damage.

    A good blow dry is the foundation of a good hair style. If you want long smooth ringlet curls like this model, start on clean, conditioned hair. For more fullness use a volumizing shampoo and a thickening lotion.

    Blow dry vigorously upside down till 90% dry. Smooth hair in sections using a large round brush to give bend to the ends. Starting with one to two-inch sections at the nape of the neck, spray section lightly with a thermal active spray, this will protect the hair as well as give it hold. Comb section smooth and run the flat-iron down the entire section once, to smooth and warm the hair to be curled. Wrap section around the flat-iron as shown starting close to the roots and slowly slide it through to the ends.

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    1. thank you, will give it a try. x

      Comment by margaret neal — September 30, 2013 @ 2:32 pm

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