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    Cut Hair Off and Make Oodles of Extra Cash!

    How Cut Hair

    Cut hair worth much?

    Cut Hair and Make $$$ Now!

    So you’ve heard of all the usual ways to make a bit of extra money on the side; contacting scrap cars in Perth to see how much you could get for your old banger, looking into affiliate marketing methods, selling other old belongings on Ebay, or tutoring online, but did you know cut hair . . . your cut hair, can make you a surprisingly large amount of extra money? I was surprised to find that it can make you somewhere between $400-1000, depending on the length of your hair, what buyers are looking for, and the condition of your hair. Isn’t that a nice surprise in this economy! is an International online auction site where cut hair is regularly bought and sold. The demand for cut human hair comes from wig, hair extension and doll manufacturers who pay top dollar for your cut hair. And the beauty of it is there is no discrimination when it comes to buying hair . . . everything sells! Male, female, young, old, colored hair, long hair, short hair, and virgin hair, all have a great chance of getting some extra cash for their hair.

    George Horton, the owner of, talked with Hairstyle Blog about how to cut hair can make you extra cash. Demand is high and he will soon be adding a language translator to help meet International demands. Here is what he told us on how to cut hair can make $$$ for you!

    How to cut hair is an effortless way to make $$$$

    When it comes to making extra cash, many may overlook an opportunity right on top of their head . . . hair. There is a big demand to cut human hair. If this isn’t you. You could always look into Bitcoin Revolution, a French bitcoin trader.

    Selling your cut hair online is one way to make extra money. College students and stay at home moms are frequent sellers who cash in their cut hair for extra bucks. Who knew that something as easy as cutting off sections of your hair can provide you with some extra money? These college students and stay at home moms may also decide to partake in online surveys for money at places like OneOpinion to help increase their finances further. But for some, cutting off their hair seems to be the most popular choice. There is also a seller’s option at Online Hair Affair, where you can choose a wig manufacturing charity to receive the money from the sale of your cut hair and earn a tax write off.

    Selling your hair online is also a great opportunity for hairdressers, who can work as the middleman to sell clients’ cut hair at an agreed-upon per cent of the final auction price.

    The opportunity to sell clients’ cut hair is what drew George Horton, the founder of Online Hair Affair, into the market. “I’m bald,” Horton said. “I don’t have hair.” There is great opportunity for hairdressers to approach clients and ask them about selling their cut hair.

    Horton created the online hair auction site to help his clients earn extra money by selling their cut hair. “Throwing away cut hair is like throwing away money,” Horton said.

    Horton found that communication on other online hair selling sites is limited to receiving an offer from the buyer, take it or leave it! offers buyers and sellers the excitement and motivation of online bidding. Buyers are compelled to pay more for in-demand cut hair and sellers can follow the bidding. The auction format creates a focused marketplace for interested buyers to bid and ensures cut hair is sold at the highest going price. “Other sites give blind offers,” Horton said. Online Hair Affair creates a “must have” demand with real time posting of competing bids.

    How long does your cut hair need to be?

    “You can pretty much try to sell any length of cut hair, but the longer the hair is the more you could receive for it. The average length of hair sold on my site is around 13″ but lengths shorter than that have also sold. To be in the safe zone, I would say for clients to hold out until they can sell at least 10″ of cut hair, that way if it doesn’t sell they can meet the minimum requirements to donate it.”

    The site is easy to use, with simple login and user instructions listed on the site, and they require no registration or listing fees. A small percentage of the final sale price is charged to sellers who use the site, but only if the cut hair sells. There are also tips on on how to grow hair faster.

    The website is safe and secure with all transactions processed through PayPal and a detailed feedback system to ensure the quality of bidders and sellers using the site.

    Online Hair Affair has been open to serious buyers and sellers since April. In its first two months there were 5,000 site hits and over 100 registered users signed up.

    Most of the hair auctioned on is bought and sold in the United States and Canada, but there is also an international demand for hair that the site fulfills.

    For more great longer looks check out our Pinterest Long Hairstyles Board.

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