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Female Hair Loss; Here are Some Options

Female Hair Loss

Hair Regrowth Remedies For Female Hair Loss

One of the worst parts about getting older is the slow-but-sure loss of hair that accelerates as more candles get added to the birthday cake. After all, no one likes bald spots or stringy hair, and that goes double for those unlucky women who experience female pattern baldness before their time. There are several hair loss remedies that for just a small investment can bring your head back to your teenage glory days, with little to no hassle.

However, when it comes to hair loss, there are literally countless “homemade remedies” that spring up on the Internet all the time. These false hopes all try to con you out of your hard earned cash and send you down a road that may end up damaging your hair follicles even more, something that you need to avoid at all costs. So, to help you weed through all these red herrings, here are a few of the most proven treatments that may ensure a full, luscious head of hair deep into your golden years:

Over the Counter Treatments

Though this may seem obvious, Rogain and other over the counter treatments are often the easiest ways to promote natural hair growth. These treatments use special ingredients that reinvigorate hair follicles that have begun to shrink as a result of hereditary hair loss. While they don’t work on everybody, trying them may be the quickest route to the remedy you have been looking for. You also may want to try Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality or NuHair Hair Regrowth Tablets if Women’s Rogain doesn’t do the trick.

Natural Female Hair Loss Remedies

If over the counter treatments don’t work, or if you don’t like the idea of putting chemicals into your hair, there are several natural treatments that have worked for many people, though many are not exactly “proven remedies”. For example, Curry Leaves and Coconut tonic—a mixture made out of boiled curry leaves and coconut oil—has been said to help hair grow faster. You also might find some success with adding Castor oil to your conditioner, or even a vinegar rinse. Again, these are not proven tactics, but many do swear by these natural remedies; you might just be surprised!

Last Resort: NeoGraft Hair Transplants

If you have tried absolutely everything, and you still can’t find a way to beat hair loss, it might be time for you to try getting a hair transplant. If you do get a hair transplant then it’s important to do your research into where would be best to go. For example, the costs are very different country to country so it might be cheaper getting a transplant in Turkey rather than your home country. Check out this article on Hair Transplant Turkey Cost to find out more. And yes, yes we understand that hair transplants have a bad rap in the beauty community, but that is mainly because of a misunderstanding of the technology. It is true that some hair transplants can result in what many call “doll-like” hair, but NeoGraft technology—a new form of hair transplant technology—is much more advanced. If performed by the correct surgeon, you can end up with a natural head of hair that grows, and looks amazing. Best of all, you don’t get the linear scarring that many other transplant technologies leave you with.


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