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    Fix Orange Hair

    Fix Orange Hair

    How to Fix Orange Hair Color Mistakes

    Orange hair is a common problem that I see when lightening hair from a dark color or when trying to apply color over previously colored hair. Fix orange hair color mistakes with these tips: “How to Fix
    Orange Hair”

    • A Toner is the number one way to fix orange hair. Here’s a hairdresser secret . . . use a toner in the opposite color as your orange hair (blue/green). A blue/green or ash based toner will help to neutralize any orange hair tones and give you a better hair hue. Timing is important, so if you don’t have an eye for when to take the color off, don’t do it.
    • Violet Based Shampoos can also work on brassy hair if it is more of a yellow tone than orange. Violet shampoos work similarly to toners by using the opposite hair color to neutralize the brassy color. I recommend this shampoo to those who have brassy high lights or yellow or orange hair tones throughout hair.
    • A Demi-Permanent color in a darker shade can help to fix orange hair caused by either lightening or an attempt to lighten colored hair with hair color. Since hair color cannot lighten previously colored hair, an orange hair hue is sometimes left as the end result. I suggest using a demi-permanent hair color to hair to help mask the orange hair effects leftover from the lightening attempt. A demi-permanent hair color is gentler than a permanent hair color and will be more translucent when applied to wet hair.

    Prevention is always best, so I recommend always seeing a professional hairdresser if you are changing your hair color more than two shades from your current color. If you are coloring or lightening your hair yourself, fix orange hair before it starts by keeping an eye on hair color as it processes. If you are lightening hair, you need to watch the color as it changes and lifts out of the hair.

    Wait until hair has gone past the orange/yellow stage before rinsing. The time will vary from person to person, so you’ll have to check every five to ten minutes or so. Also, remember that hair color cannot lighten hair color, so you’ll need to use a lightening product like bleach if you want to go lighter.

    If you don’t feel confident in any of these steps to fix orange hair, save yourself some headaches and take it to the hair salon!


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    1. Barb, Unhappy and Mary,

      Hopefully this link will help! Also look at the “Related Articles” at the bottom of the post for more ideas on how to fix orange hair!

      Good luck all, let us know your results!

      Comment by Barb Quinn — February 25, 2010 @ 1:03 pm

    2. WOW, There are girls out there with the same nightmare at the salon. I too have light brown hair with red natural highlights. Now, I have grey coming in and the coloring process ALWAYS gives me brassy hair in the end, looks great for such a short time. On top of all that we have a well, but the water has been tested for Iron and wasn’t that strong. I am soooooo sick of know-it-all colorist, ” it’s only hair it will grow out eventually” or ” you pull red, it’s not anything I’m doing”. I once had my hair stripped to get out the orange from a bad hair colorist $ 300 plus her 15% tip, she was just pissed I went to someone else. I’ve just made and app. with the owner of this said salon and know I’ll be running into this witch colorist, I’m hoping to have my say to the owner and her boss!!!!! Let’s hope she gets the color right, it will cost me a fortune!

      Comment by Mary — February 24, 2010 @ 2:48 pm

    3. I have the EXACT same issue as Barb! I’ve been searching everywhere for a decent colorist! On top of which, I have curly hair so it makes it doubly difficult to find someone that won’t butcher my cut and someone who won’t turn me into goldie-locks (literally). I’m so disgusted with being orange hair. Someone….PLEASE HELP!!!

      Comment by UNhappy — February 22, 2010 @ 1:01 pm

    4. I have SUCH a hard time finding a good colorist! My hair is naturally dark blonde with gold highlights. It’s kinda dull so I like to have neutral blonde highlights and chocolate brown lowlights. Hairdressers seem SO confident to do what they think AFTER I tell them the hilites will turn GOLD if not left on long enough, and the lowlites will turn brassy if a warm based is used! Still, they DON’T LISTEN! My hair looks awful right now and is really dry after someone at a local salon did it. How can I find someone good? They SEEM good when giving a consultation, then my results are another story!

      Comment by Barb — February 21, 2010 @ 6:43 pm

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