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    Frizzy Hair Fixes DIY Insider How To Secrets

    Frizzy Hair Fixes

    Frizzy Hair Fix; Find Out How

    We have all needed a good hair fix for frizzy hair at one time or another. Frizzy hair can creep up on us out of nowhere sometimes . . . especially in summer, so here are some ideas for a frizzy hair fixes if you come down with a case of the ‘frizzies’.

    Hair Fix for Summer Frizzies

    Summer frizz is usually caused by damaged hair along with the hot, dry weather that comes along with summer. Frizzy hair is the result of dried out strands. So what is the hair fix for summer frizz? Moisture, moisture, moisture! By using a deep conditioner weekly, you can help prevent dried out frizzy hair.

    One deep conditioner I really like is Enjoy Hair Mask, because it leaves your hair feeling silky smoothed and super moisturized. Another good practice is to rinse your hair with water and apply a conditioner before you get into the pool (or ocean). The conditioner will act as a barrier to any chemicals from the pool or harsh salt water from the ocean and give you ultra moisturized locks at the end of the day.

    Frizzy Hair Fixes

    Frizzy Hair Fix When Humidity Runs High

    A shine serum is a great fix for frizzy hair! Humid weather, like the kind you can find in Florida, is also a big cause for frizzy hair. A shine serum is a great hair fix for humidity. Shine serum tends to not only be good shine enhancers, but great frizz fighters too. To fight frizzy hair in humid weather, try blow drying hair until it is completely dry and then using a shine serum to finish your style. Silicone, which is a key ingredient in shine serum, helps to combat humidity and fight frizz. Try a shine serum like Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss, that has silicone in it. I use this one all the time before and after styling to keep my strands frizz free.

    Frizzy Hair Fixes

    Hair Fix for Flyaway Hair

    Dryer sheets are a quick and easy hair fix for flyaway hair! Maybe you don’t have a problem with the frizzy hair as much as you do with flyaway hair. If this is the case, your hair fix may be sitting on a shelf in your laundry room now. Next time you find your hair full of static and uncontrollable, reach for a dryer sheet to help combat your problem. You can run a dryer sheet over your brush, comb or even over your strands for a quick hair fix for flyaway hair. When flyaways are the problem, you can keep a dryer sheet in your purse for a quick hair fix . . . and as an extra bonus; you will smell as fresh as clean linens!

    Frizzy hair can be combated with one or all of these hair fix suggestions. If need be you can carry a ‘hair fix kit’ in your purse. Your ‘hair fix kit’ can include a travel sized shine serum, dryer sheet or maybe even a hair band for those ‘can’t be fixed’ hair days. Hopefully these hair fix helpers can get rid of the frizzy hair for you once and for all!
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    2. The summer can definitely dehydrate your hair and the humidity can maximize frizz! Thanks for mentioning to deep condition your hair, so important! And, for additional humidity protectants here is another product,
      Linda for Ouidad

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