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Hair Accessories You’ll Love to Wear!

Recently my family relocated to Florida. While I enjoy the tropical climate Florida has to offer, the humidity combined with the heat at times can be oppressive, especially when you have thick hair that is  shoulder length as I do.

I was nearly finished planting my Myers lemon tree when I was sure I had a heat stroke coming on, partnered with a pounding headache.  Dehydration you thought? No, the culprits were the elastic band and jaw clips holding my hair up.  I could take no more. Between menopausal hot flashes, headaches, and all the self-torture I put myself through to keep my beautiful thick hair, I was prepared to call my hairdresser to have her give me that new short shag haircut. This is the thing – I like to put my hair up. I love updo’s. I also like to look pretty and “feel cool.” Sometimes I like to play with my hair, other times I just want to “get it out-of-the-way!” I love my hair.

At that point I marched to my laptop to find a solution. I searched for an attractive yet well made “hair accessory”. Everything I looked at was either expensive, ugly, scary looking or much too delicate. Nearly giving up, I found the Flexi 8 Hair Clip.

Wedding Hair Accessories

Hair Accessory

The design was fascinating! Made with a patented sliding pin, music instrument wire and beads from around the world, these clips are not only beautiful and fashionable, they also came in 7 sizes and are flexible. The clips are so strong that one medium clip holds all my hair up.

Hair Accessory

Hair Accessories

I ordered two: a small silver Celtic Knot and a medium Celtic Cross. I received the Flexi’s four days later! I found I could pull all my hair up and keep it up with the medium size hair accessory. They are so comfortable that I fell asleep with it in my hair.

Working in the hair salon industry for several years, I found the one item almost always absent were hair accessories. What a shame for brides, bridesmaids, prom girls, moms, young girls and toddlers!  I loved the Flexi’s so much I contacted the company and was put through to the owner and creator of the Flexi Clips, John Dorsey. Today I am a Lilla Rose Consultant in Ft Myers, Florida and I love gardening and playing in Paradise!

For styling ideas, videos, and to view the Lilla Rose collection, visit or Facebook/ And For more great accessory ideas check out our Pinterest Accessorize your Hairdo Board


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