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    Discount Hair Products


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    For regular readers of this space you might remember a very controversial article hair care product labels . . . are they truthful? which stirred up a lot of fuss in the discount hair products industry. I keep running across articles that reinforce my long standing claim that the hair care industry really stretches corporate ethics by charging vastly different prices for virtually the identical hair product marketed in different bottles or with a different label.

    “Salon Only brands
    Discount Hair Products”

    They keep trying to sell us this baloney about “Salon Only” hair product brands. Fact is that virtually that a trip down the discount hair products isle at your local Wal-Mart or Target store can save you up to 75%, especially if you start ignoring the front of the bottle and start paying attention to the back where the fine print is. You will usually find an identical chemical makeup as the pricey “Salon Only” hair products. Usually the discount hair products contains just as good a product as the most expensive.

    Here is another article that supports my theory.

    I reluctantly purchased a $30 Kerastase hair masque for my dry, brittle, broken ends. After using this masque every week, I did notice that it softened my hair, but it really wasn’t worth the high price. I noticed that Kerastase was, in fact, a L’Oreal discount hair product, so I headed to the nearest Walgreens to find a L’Oreal conditioner that was comparable. Sure enough I found that L’Oreal’s drugstore brand called Smooth Intense had a masque for $4.99 with the same ingredients!


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