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Hair Care Savings Tips

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Hair care tips for those of you trying to cut back

These days savvy women are looking to cut back a bit on the cash outlays for hair care and other beauty routines. A little bit here and a little bit there can quickly add up in these times where cut backs are in order. Here are a few tips that can help trim the budget, without sacrificing good hair care routines.

“Hair Care
Saving Tips”

  • Be honest with your hairdresser . . . if you’re having to cut back, they’ll not only understand, but a helpful hairdresser will give you lots of hints on how to trim back on beauty expenses. They want to hang onto you and as many clients as they can.
  • When choosing a hair color, try to stay closer to your natural color. That way it will take longer for roots to start showing up, thereby lengthening the number of trips to the hair care salon for root touch ups.
  • Don’t use too hot of water on your hair – it fades color faster.
  • Avoid risky at home chemical treatments. This is not the time to try things that are on the cutting edge of your abilities. If you screw up now, that $300 color correction trip can really suck the life out of a budget.
  • Try anti-fade hair care products designed to work at-home between professional hair coloring visits.
  • Try a medium length hairstyle. Short hair styles, like pixies, require frequent trims to keep them in shape. A medium length hairstyle may add 2-3 weeks between haircut appointments.
  • Refresh or add depth to your existing color between salon visits. Brunettes and redheads can use a monthly color mousse that is applied for 15 minutes and then rinsed off.
  • Try going au-natural. Now may be the time to let go of that long-term hair color routine . . . going grey is a hot look right now.
  • Use less hair care product. Most consumers fall for the media hype about the amount of product needed to get the job done. Don’t over do it . . . cut back on everything, you’ll be surprised at how little product you really need. That is especially true of shampooing. Daily shampooing is really not necessary for most of us. Barb has written several articles on shampoo routines.


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  2. Hi Barb, fabulous information you shared for those on a budget but still wanting to have fabulous hair.

    Comment by Monica Nielsen — August 6, 2012 @ 7:20 pm

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