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Golden Globe Hair Colors We Loved

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Can you wear any of these amazing celebrity hair colors with your skin tone?

This years A-list celebrities walked the red carpet wearing some of the most magnificent hair colors of the year. These are the hair colors we predict we will be seeing requested most often in hair salons all across the country this coming year.

Are there some celebrities whose hair color you wish you could channel, but are unsure if you have right skin tone to pull it off? If you are like most people, you probably don’t know what skin tone or undertones you have.

Below are our recommendations for who can wear these hair colors best, but if your skin tone isn’t a match, we have a similar alternative hue for you! Are you ready to look like a star? Let’s go! Here are our most favorite and least favorite hair colors at the 2012 Golden Globes Awards.

Emma Stone at the Golden Globes with auburn hair colorBest Red Hair Color

Emma Stone should get an award for having the best hair color. The rich, auburn color brightens her complexion, allowing her skin to glow with radiance.

Are you inspired by Emma’s fabulous auburn hair color? Try something new this year and give red hair a chance. Auburn and copper tones, similar to Emma’s, look the best on people with warm skin tones. Burgundy and violet tones are red shades that will best compliment those with cool skin tones. Do you love the look, but you are not sure about taking the leap? Try a warm brown or strawberry blonde hair color or highlights. Who said blondes have more fun?

Kelly Osborne at the Golden Globes with a grey hair colorWorst Overall Hair Color

Kelly Osborne was far from runner-up with this hair color. Her grey hair color, with purplish, bluish undertones was a wash-out! This color washed out her skin tone and added years to her appearance.

Are you thinking about going platinum? If you are, think of Christina Aguilera, not Kelly Osborne. This shade looks best on those with cool skin tones. Do you want ultra-light hair, but you have warm toned skin? A light golden blonde hair color will best flatter your skin tone.

Jessica Biel at the Golden Globes with a dark brown hair colorBest Dark Brown Hair Color

This year the award for the most fabulous dark brown hair color goes to Jessica Biel. Her hair color looked stunning!

Do you love Jessica’s deep brown hair? This is the season to go darker with your hair color. A deep brown, like Jessica Biel’s, looks the best on those with cool skin tones. Red brown hair colors look very similar and are an excellent alternative for those with warm toned skin.

 Sophia Vergara at the Golden Globes with medium brown hair color

Sophia Vergara lit up the runway with her shiny brown hair color.

Would you like brown hair that makes your eyes sparkle like Sophia’s? Use a golden hair color to enhance warm skin tones and bring out your eye color. Don’t have warm toned skin? Use a medium ash brown hair color to enhance your features and look your best.

Elle Macpherson at the Golden Globes with blonde hairBest Blonde Hair Color

Elle Macpherson’s sexy golden locks beat her fellow celebrities in this category, but it was a close call. We also loved Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Therone’s blonde hair color about as much . . . they were both runner-ups in our book.

Do you want beautiful blonde hair? Women with warm skin tones, like Elle Macpherson, look the best with golden blonde hair. To achieve the same award-winning style for those with cool skin tones, add honey colored highlights to a sandy blonde color. The honey color will add warmth and dimension. Nicole Kidman at the Golden Globes with Strawbery Blonde Hair Color

Nichole Kidman can’t be beat when she goes with this hue; she looked ravishing with her strawberry blonde hair color! It was also the perfect look with her elegant white and gold dress.

Strawberry blonde hair looks best on those with warm skin tones. Do you have a cool skin tone? The subtle warm tones in beige blonde hair color make it a wonderful alternative for you. For more great hair color ideas check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas Board.


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