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    Hair Color Trends – When Black is too Dark!

    Hair Color Trends

    Hair color trends in the past couple of years went dark . . . and here are some problems that come with that.

    Hair Color Trends
    Ashlee Simpson in lighter days

    Janny asks:

    I had black hair and now I want my hair blonde. I went to a salon and they turned my hair into an orange fried mess, but I know its my fault, I left with a smile on my face and a few days later I dyed my hair a light brown. My question is; can I go ahead and bleach it again? Will it work or should I wait?


    In reading your dilemma, it’s easy to think that the hair colorist was in the wrong, however it’s not clear as you said, ” I know it’s my fault, I left with a smile on my face.”

    Be Honest With Your Hair Colorist

    If your hair colorist thinks you are happy with the color correction, what reason would they have to change it?

    When doing a major hair color correction as this one is, it’s not the time to be ‘nice ‘in order to ‘keep the peace’ so to speak, with your hair colorist. If you are unhappy with the hair color you end up with, you need to be completely honest with your colorist.

    “Hair Color Trends
    are too dark
    for my tastes”

    Maybe you’re not sure and you need to sit with your new hair color for a few days, that’s fine.Tell your hair colorist that up front so they have a heads up at this point. They will most likely tell you they would be happy to adjust the color for free as long as it is done quickly.Just make your decision within a few days. At this point, they should be happy to fix it at no cost to you.

    It can be a win-win for both of you; you don’t need to look at yourself in the mirror daily with horror and it’s easiest to fix earlier than later. And as for your hair colorist, they would prefer to keep you happy and not lose you as a client.

    Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself!

    Bringing black hair to blonde, nears the top of the list when it comes to difficulty and takes a certified colorist in order to do it right. They need to know all the colors or chemicals that may be in your hair before assessing what to do next. Lifting black color out of the hair takes a high level bleach and developer and it needs to be assessed if your hair can handle that process.

    Application is key for an even lifting of the black color out of your hair. A keen eye for the timing of this process is needed also. After the color is lifted out to a light enough degree, which may take more than one application to achieve, a toner needs to be applied and timed in the hair. If you have roots that area different color than your black hair, it will only add to making the process more complicated. The roots will need to be treated with a different formula or you will end up with two different colors, roots and the rest of your hair shaft.

    It’s always scary when people write in with this kind of problem. You are desperate and you can easily go from bad to worse! If you go ahead and try to fix this yourself at this point . . . you can do irreparable harm.


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