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    Thin On Top? A Few Hair Loss Guidelines

    Thinning Hair, Hair loss Guidelines

    Hair Loss Issues Need to Taken Seriously

    The average person loses fifty to a hundred individual hairs a day. Some of us are prone to losing many more. No one is immune to these symptoms; thinning hair affects both men and women of all ages. The condition of your hair doesn’t just affect the way you look, it can be indicative of your general health.

    If you’re suffering from serious hair loss, the first order of business is noting how much hair you’re pulling out of your comb or brush every day. Keep track and report the information to your doctor or dermatologist. If you’re losing hair by the clumping fistful, you might want to have some tests run.

    Hair loss, or thinning, can be the result of many different types of disorders. Some of the more common ailments include overactive thyroids, high blood pressure, diabetes, lupus and general infections. Hormonal changes and imbalances, as well as a lack of minerals in your diet, can also influence the state of your scalp.

    The health of your hair generally comes from the inside out. What you put in your body can affect it greatly. Foods that a rich in iron (red meat, dark leafy greens, egg yolks, soybeans, artichokes) and zinc (oysters, wheat germ, nuts and seeds, mushrooms) can benefit hair health, as well as getting plenty of protein. Consider taking supplements, particularly sea kelp.

    Sometimes thinning hair is simply a result of heredity. Thanks a lot, grandpa! In all seriousness, it’s usually chalked up to another case of male pattern baldness. Two out of three men are, or will be, afflicted with shrinking follicles. This is just a fact of life.

    If you’re one of the many who are balding, experiencing hair loss, or simply born with thin strands, and you have no major medical disorder, there are a few tricks of the trade to camouflage your limp locks. Men have the advantage of being able to shave their heads and look distinguished (not that a Bic-ed woman doesn’t, it’s just not as readily accepted in society at large). Women have one up on men for being able to employ scarves, extensions or even wigs without drawing leers.

    For ladies experiencing thinning, it’s been recommended that you never brush wet hair. Do it before your shower and be careful not to over-style or blow dry. Dry shampoos and powders can add volume, but definitely avoid over-conditioning. You want your hair to be properly moisturized, but much of that starts internally and heavy leave-in crèmes can weigh you down.

    If your hair is longer, a blunt cut can bulk up thin tresses, but if you’re rocking a shorter, above-shoulder-cut, layers can add dimension and allow for movement. It’s been said that darker colors can emphasize hair loss or thinning hair, so consider going a shade or two lighter or some well-placed highlights.

    Contributing author Jim Chaffee A freelancer writer and part-time barber Jim blogs about a variety of hair and styling issues for When he’s not buzzing or coloring his friends’ hair, he’s probably busy watching old westerns.


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