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    How to Copy Meg Ryan’s Bedhead Look

    Bedhead Hair

    Bedhead hair is all about the haircut

    The bedhead hair design has been around a while, we knew it in the 90’s as the messy hair look. Meg Ryan wore it in the 1998 movie “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks. But lets humor this Hartford Conn hairdresser, who thinks you need two hours with a hairdresser primping to get a bedhead hairstyle.
    Bedhead Hair
    Here is a hint on how to get the bedhead look when you want it in record time. The bedhead hairstyle is 90% in the haircut. In a short or medium style, texturized layers is key, as well as a good root lifter like Amplify by Matrix – Root Lifter. Long hairstyles will need long layers to frame the face and to add lift and volume. A volumizing shampoo like, Amplify by Matrix – Volumizing Shampoo, will help your long hair get its fullest, and you may want to use the above root lifter for an extra push!

    That’s it . . . a good haircut, a little hair care product and just the slightest styling, with fingers, or blow dryer, will give you the casual look that makes up this trendy bedhead hairstyle.

    Anyway, here is the excerpts from interview of Nelson Jimmo, owner of Nelson hair salon and spa in West Hartford courtesy of

    When Hair’s All Awry
    Tresses In Messes? It’s TreChic, Mon Cherie
    By GREG MORAGO, Courant Staff Writer

    Fair warning: If you tell your wife or your girlfriend their hairstyle appears a little askew, you obviously don’t realize she might have spent a good amount of time getting it that way. Those wispy tendrils and spiky offshoots are not supposed to look like she forgot to secure all the hair in her ponytail or knot. That bedhead look is intentional.

    “People are spending a lot of time to make hair look messy. It’s an elegant bedhead look,” said Nelson Jimmo, owner of Nelson hair salon and spa in West Hartford. “It’s not as easy as it looks.”

    Indeed, today’s hottest hairstyles look particularly unstyled. And there’s an art to that.

    “It takes two hours to get it to look that sloppy,” Richard Keogh, a hairdresser for Matrix, said of Uma Thurman’s hairdo for the 78th Academy Awards last month. “She did it perfectly.”

    This hair trend doesn’t have a specific name (we’re calling it “harried hair” because it looks like the wearers are pressed for time), but you can see it everywhere. Go to any college campus, shopping mall, rock concert or restaurant, and you’ll see women with artfully tousled hair – sagging chignons, upended updo’s and picked-apart ponytails.


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    1. Hi there..I would 2 ask you about,how to make a dry hair(a very dry hair)to a soft and non dry hair?And if a dry hair can cut what kind hair style?…
      Thank You…=)


      Comment by turquoise — January 12, 2007 @ 2:44 am

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