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    Hair Salon Marketing Slow to Adopt Technology

    Salon Marketing, because you’re a hairdresser . . . and not a geek!

    I love it! I laughed out loud when the headline “Hair Salon Marketing Slow to Adopt Technology” popped up in my mailbox. In my world, hair stylists DO know how to do salon marketing! The words hairdresser and geek in the same sentence may best be described as an oxymoron . . . wouldn’t you agree?

    There simply are not enough hours in a day to do the creative hair styling stuff you love and keep up with technology. hairdressers can run a business the way they always have and get by, at least for a while, or you could hire Salon Geeks to keep you in touch with the newest computer, marketing and business technologies in the hair salon and spa world.

    That being said, embracing social media is so important in our industry! Some salons use their Facebook page to not only show off the latest hairstyles but as an online booking system where clients can send a message and get booked in that very same day! One of my friends who owns a salon business recently told me about how changing their facebook cover photo size lead to more customers liking and sharing her photos. It’s so cool that hair salons can use social media to their advantage!

    It’s not only large and small businesses that use mass texting as a strategy to offer large promotions and market their services or products, but some salons have also started using mass texting to fill vacancies within the salon, as well as offer discounts to loyal customers, etc.

    It’s not just social media that hairdressers are using to run a successful business. With the emergence of The Best Appoointment Scheduling Software specifically for hairdressers and salons, using technology makes running a hairdressing business easier.

    Salon Geeks was founded by Anthony Angell, a hairdresser/geek who recognized the missed opportunities many hair salons face because of the lack of experience they may have in the techie world. He saw this first hand, in a friends’ hair salon, that the computer and software he was using was so antiquated that, well, for my lack of better words, it may have better served him if used as a door-stop!

    Recently, I posted articles about chain hair salons, specifically the new Sports Clips opportunity, which is run primarily by businessmen, not hairdressers. As a matter of fact, they encourage non-hairdressers to own the hair salon to have the owners focus on salon marketing vs. behind the chair customer service. That way they know if the business side of operations is handled up to their proven business standards, they will have more successful salons and so more hair salon sales.

    History shows us that this business concept does work, much to the chagrin of many professionals in the hair salon business.

    I do understand the feeling of . . . who knows our business better than us? But yet not one of them will reduce the impact of the franchises on the competitive market environment in the hair salon business.

    Salon Geeks is a company worth checking out. If you don’t have the time to stay on top of the next new thing that will keep your salon marketing up to speed, check out what Salon Geeks has to offer.

    Just a few of the services offered to hair salons and spas;

    • Advertising, Design and Salon Marketing
    • Hair Salon Software
    • Management Best Practices
    • Retail Therapy, Merchandising Concepts
    • Web Design & e-Commerce
    • Gift and Loyalty Card Programs
    • Receptionist Boot Camp
    • Hair Salon Geeks University
    • Email, SMS & Interactive Voice Marketing

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