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    Travel Hair Products

    Travel hair products . . . don’t leave home with out it

    I’ve finally come to trust the fact that I don’t need to pack a hair dryer when traveling most places in the USA. Almost all hotel rooms have a built-in hair dryer. It saves a lot of suitcase room, even though I have a travel hair dryer that folds in half to about the size of a fist. I’m probably just like you, forever trying to downsize my travel load. I pride myself in packing the lightest bag possible for the week.

    “Travel Hair Products”

    Gary and I are on our annual fall road trip, a fall leaf tour, in search of color and some new scenery. We usually take a week this time of year and travel by car or train to seek out places we haven’t seen before. This trip I was able to pack in 15-20 minutes flat the morning of our trip. (Believe me, this is a huge accomplishment from years past.) .

    I know I can do a quick travel hairstyle, one I can feel good about for the rest of the day, before leaving the hotel. The challenge this morning was that I was styling 2nd day travel hair, and I forgot to pack my “thermal styling spray,” or any travel hair products for that matter. I thought I will just turn up the heat on my 1 inch curling iron and that will do it. It was a futile effort. I was at the highest heat that I wanted to ask my color treated hair to endure and was getting nowhere fast.

    It was quickly turning into a . . . bad hair day. I knew the answer, I needed a spray-on hair product, ideally a thermal styling spray but at this time any hairspray would work. Sure enough, when I asked my hubby if he had some, lo and behold, he pulled out of his efficiently small suitcase, a can of Aussie heavy duty hair spray and it worked like a champ. Short spurts of this heavy holding spray, before curling one more time, proved to be the answer to all my problems this morning. Bada bing . . .bada boom . . .bada bang, finished in minutes, done and feeling right with the world once again. Now, I know it’s not the end of the world if my travel hair isn’t just so before leaving for the day. But, I also know I FEEL better all day when my hair has some semblance of style to it.

    So the lesson I learned here . . . Don’t under estimate the POWER of travel hair products and make sure you pack them when you travel for that 2nd day struggle.

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