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If Looks Could Kill: Short Homecoming Hairstyles

Rihanna in a adorable pixie haircut with long bangs

Homecoming Hairstyle Recommendations for Short Hair

Christine Asks:

I want to find a new short homecoming hairstyle. I can find plenty of long homecoming hairstyle pictures but not enough short hair style pictures. I’m ready to cut my hair which is slightly wavy and is cut just over my shoulders with long layers. My face shape is oval and I like to change my hairstyle often or I get bored with it. Right now I don’t have bangs but I don’t mind cutting them if I find a short hair style I like. For homecoming I’d like to find a new short hairstyle or funky hairstyle that stands out.

Any ideas you have would be helpful.


Great Time for a Change

Show up to the dance with a new short hairstyle and your enthusiasm for style, and you’ll confidence will shine through. The great thing for you is that an oval face shape is the most versatile. You can rock virtually any hairdo, and it will complement your face shape well.

Highlight Your Best Features

When choosing a new hairstyle, you should choose a feature that you would like to highlight the most such as the eyes or cheekbones. Layering helps to frame and soften features thereby drawing attention to that area, so you will want to have lots of layering around the features you choose to accentuate.

A pixie haircut like Rihanna’s would be a great change while still being very feminine and sexy. Try cutting the bangs in the temple area shorter than the rest. This will help customize the cut for you, and make it even more dramatic.

Homecoming Hairstyles

Live on the Wild Side

Another option for your oval face shape is a hairstyle that is asymmetrical. This term simply means that one side longer than the other. An asymmetrical shape can be a funky hairstyle or a conservative hairdo depending on how you choose to style it.

Thanks to Victoria Beckham, a classic bob hairstyle is always a great choice too. Victoria rocked the asymmetrical bob hairstyle for a long time before going to the short pixie haircut that she wears today. You can customize bobs in all sorts of ways to make it your own. Ask your hairstylist to add lots of texture for height and layers for movement, so you’ll have even more styling options.

Homecoming Hairstyles

Before You Make the Cut 

Sometimes just trying a simple hairstyle change rather than a haircut can make the world of difference. I’ve been seeing a lot of braids incorporated in the homecoming hairstyles this year. Celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad have been seen around Hollywood lately sporting braids.

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