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    How To Get The Soft and Tousled Hairstyles

    Soft Tousled Hairstyles

    Tips to Getting the Soft Tousled Hairstyle Look

    The tousled hairstyle is not for everybody, but for many of you it can be a simple way to get a great sultry look. Keep in mind that it’s hard to pull it off with short hair, as it will end up too fluffy. But if your hair is longer, you’re in business! Here are some easy-to-follow secrets to getting the sexiest tousled hairstyle ever.

    “a simple way to get
    a great tousled hairstyle”
    If you have super-curly hair: The trick is to loosen it up and reconstruct the shape of those tight curls

    • Start with wet hair. Wrap it in a towel to remove the moisture. Do NOT blow it dry–it will become frizzy. While it’s still damp, apply a large dollop of straightening balm throughout.

    • Divide and braid hair into four sections, securing each with an elastic hair band. Leave braids in for only a couple of hours-if you sleep like this, you’ll get a “Bozo the Clown” look.

    • After you unwind your braids, use your fingers to distribute a hair styling product from roots to ends. Skip the hairspray.

    If you have straight hair: Start the night before.

    • Begin with freshly shampooed hair. Bend over and blow-dry hair upside down, leaving it a little damp. Apply a dollop of styling gel or mousse, combing through with a wide-toothed comb.

    • Decide where you want your part, then divide hair into 6 sections with your comb. Braid each tightly, leaving a couple of inches free near your scalp (so you don t get too much volume and turn into a frizz-head) and at the ends (so your split ends don’t frizz out). Fasten the braids with an elastic hair band and keep them in overnight. (You need 6-8 hours for the look to set).

    • Remove the elastics. Shake out and undo the braids gently with your fingers-a comb or brush will instantly ruin the effect.

    • Throw your head upside down and squeeze a tiny bit of hair styling gel through your locks while heating with a diffuser. Smooth out ends (the bottom 1-2″) with a brush and hair dryer if they look frayed.

    • Afterward, tousle your waves as you like them, and spray with a little touchable-hold hairspray. (Avoid shine enhancers; they’ll weigh your hair down.)

    If you have wavy hair: This is a perfect hair type for the loose, sexy tousled hairstyle look.

    • Follow the directions for straight hair but don’t start with wet locks-just mist dry hair lightly with water until it’s semi-damp, then follow braiding and hair styling instructions.



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    1. I love this! It works so well! :)

      Comment by Jordan — September 27, 2009 @ 8:55 pm

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