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    Kid’s Back to School Hairstyles – Include Fair Hair?

    Back to School Hairstyles

    Summer fun then back to school hairstyles

    It’s State Fair time again and the thought of a back to school hairstyle is reluctantly on the minds of just about every kid you see. State fair hairdo’s, carnival hair, rainbow hairstyle creations, you’ve seen the ones I’m talking about, there b-a-c-k!  Whew! First time I saw these hairstyle creations, I was creeped out! Not only was ‘fair hair’ a little creepy, but it looked like these do’s, which resembled neon colored, ratted up birds nests that glitter, had to be an absolute nightmare to get out of the hair! So what’s the attraction?

    “Summer Hair then Back to School Hairstyles”The way I figure, kid’s find the idea of looking eerie and creepy and the opportunity to stand out in the crowd for a day, overwhelmingly tempting and work their charms to convince the folks to open their wallets for the cause. This last hurrah to do something a little wild and crazy before getting serious about a back to school hairstyle.

    So after some years of seeing these, I find the ‘fair hairdo’s’ don’t creep me out as much anymore. I now find them pretty cute and ‘fairy’ like, on the little ones. Although I haven’t seen the doing of the do’s, I do see them everywhere at the fair. My best guess is they go up quick and pretty easy so they only cost a fraction of the cost of legitimate updos. Most of the little ones I see have the high riding ponies with the use of lots of neon colored holding hair spray and some glitter to top it off. (I hope it’s only spray and glitter and not loads of backcombing . . . horrors!)

    The kids are lining up already to get their back to school hairstyle ‘fair hairdo’s’. Choosing to wear these hairstyles seem to have become a passage of sorts . . . one last wild fling before heading back to school! Back to school hairstyles come in every shape, color and form, and these hairstyles are part of the mix!

    Back to School Hairstyles
    One last summer fling before getting serious on back to school hairstyles
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