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    Learn How to Perm Hair!


    How to avoid perm surprises

    Perming your hair is something that you should approach with caution and only after a good understanding of the downsides of how to perm hair. Here is a great place to get up to speed thanks to Beauty

    Learn More About How to Perm Your Hair!

    Want to change your hairdo? Aside from a mohawk, one of the most exciting ways to alter your look is with a “perm” or permanent wave. It can increase the fullness of soft, fine hair, put a curl or wave into straight hair, or simply make your hair easier to style. How to Perm Hair

    Once, anything other than a professional salon perm put you at risk of looking like Don King. But today, there are excellent, easy-to-control home perms for every type of hair. The key to success in home perms is choosing the right product for your hair.

    Curls 101


    • Hair is curly or straight because of complex physical and chemical bonds. A permanent changes hair by breaking those bonds. You use rods to reshape the hair, then neutralizer to let the bonds reform.
    • Make sure to treat your hair with the proper conditioners prior to the perm process.
    • Sectioning and blocking involve dividing your head into uniform working areas. This requires a lot of practice and is a big advantage of a professional perm.

    Read the entire article on perming your hair





    1. hi!i am dorothy i have a trangular face.should i make it straight my hair or i make a perm?because
      my lower part of the mouth is quite thin.Please

      regards dorothy!

      Comment by dorothy — February 15, 2009 @ 1:44 pm

    2. Alysia,
      Why would you want to do that to your hair?
      Although some people can learn to perm at home, I still would only trust my hair to a professional.
      It takes time, patience and experience in not only rolling the hair correctly, but being able to analyze what kind of condition the pre permed hair is in and what type of perm to use.
      Good Luck ( go to a professional)

      Comment by Barb — November 29, 2006 @ 6:46 pm

    3. I am considering this product but it seems like I t will make my hair really frizzy (shown in the pictures).

      Comment by Alysia — November 27, 2006 @ 5:42 pm

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