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    Men’s Grooming for Success

    Mens Grooming

    Grooming is an Indicator of Character

    Everyone has heard the saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In today’s competitive world it is more important than ever to look your best at all times. Some find it easier to maintain a consistent and groomed appearance with the support of some cool gadgets you could find through this gadget list for men. You never know who you are going to run into and how it may affect what you are trying to accomplish in your life.

    We are all at various stages in our lives. You could be looking for a job, a mate, or have a current job where you are easily recognizable. This is why it is more important than ever to be prepared for a chance encounter. Another well known, but often forgotten fact is the better we look and feel, the better we perform.

    Some suggestions for always looking and feeling your best:

    • Hair: Make it a point to always keep a well groomed and maintained haircut. Getting a haircut often does not mean you have to wear your hair short. It just means you will always keep your chosen style up to date.
    • Facial hair: Whatever type of facial hair you choose to wear make sure you beard always has a clean outline combined with a clean shave. You don’t ever want to look like you just rolled out of bed or haven’t showered in days. Tips for getting your best shave:
      • Clean your face with a moisturizing soap or face wash.
      • Hold a warm wash cloth or small towel on your face for 30-60 seconds.
      • Massage light oil on your face. You can use expensive pre-shave oil or something as inexpensive as baby oil. When you shave you scrape away the natural oil in your skin so it is very important to add oil before shaving. This cuts down on razor burn and softens the beard. These types of oils (and other facial products) are online at
      • Use a warm, moisturizing, shaving cream. If you put a cold gel or cream on your face it will close the pores and cause the beard to lie down. This will cause you to have to press harder with the razor which will result in razor burn.
      • Rinse your face off with cold water to close the pores.
      • Make sure to apply mens aftershave. You can even apply an aftershave moisturizer with Shea butter. This is an anti-inflammatory and will soothe the skin helping to avoid razor burn.
    • Casual Clothing: Most important always be wrinkle free. You never want to look like you slept in your clothes or took them out of the hamper. When wearing sneakers or casual shoes make sure they are clean.
    • Dress/Formal Clothing: Always wrinkle free. Make sure your shirt is tucked in and tie centered with a perfect tie knot. Keep your shoes shined so clean they look like they just came out of the box.

    Some of this may seem pretentious or like a lot of work but could be the difference between attracting the attention of your soul mate, getting that dream job, or making that chance connection that could make your year, or even better, your career. And for more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board

    Master Barber Greg Zorian
    Guest author Master Barber Greg Zorian is a third generation barber, educator and manager of several successful barbershops. Greg is in high demand as a barbering instructor and workshop leader. Greg’s work has been featured in Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering textbook and DVD series as well as many national and international publications including Travel and Leisure Magazine and Four Seasons Luxury Travel Magazine’s “Top 5 Haircuts in the World” category.

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