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Men’s Hairstyles . . . is he outdated?

Mens hairstyles

Is your man in a men’s hairstyle rut?

I’ve liked the super short, textured men’s haircut and will hate to see them go. But I imagine the men will hate to see them go even more. As far as men’s hairstyles go . . . they don’t get any easier, exception being the buzz, but I wouldn’t really call that a “style.” So, like the Farrah Fawcet, even men’s hairstyles have their day and when worn too long past it’s time, it will date you. “the spikey, messy
look is over in men’s hairstyles”

According to Kurt Kueffner, director of men’s hairstyles marketing development for Aveda, the spikey, messy look is over and will actually be embarrassing to be seen with in a short time to come. The look is going longer. Although mid-length and longer men’s hairstyles will require a small bit of styling, they still reflect a casual look. Men have a far wider range of hairstyles to choose from, now more than at any other time in history. The key word here is “style.”

I read an article recently in where their writer on fashion said men finally now “get it.” He went on to explain that men now understand how a great looking hairstyle not only “attracts women,” but consequently boosts self esteem and self confidence as well.
Men seem to stay stuck in hairstyle ruts more often than women. They have always had a limited amount of hairstyles to choose from and the idea of change might indicate higher maintenance, not a plus in most men’s hairstyles daily grooming routine.

The good news is most men’s hairstyles can be coiffed with just a product, or a blow dryer and a product. (How many styles would we girls have to fore-go if not for using a curling iron, hot rollers, straighteners or perms? If you are your man’s connection for style, and I know many of you are, why not give him some encouragement. A number of men may only try a new hairstyle, in order to keep you off their back only then to find out it was a worthwhile move.

Try cutting out some pictures he could bring to his hairdresser or better yet For more great looks for men check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board. If his excuse is he hasn’t got a hairdresser, recommend yours who more than likely does men’s hairstyles too.



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