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    Ombre Hair Extensions in 3D

    Four strands of ombre hair extensions

    Ombre hair extensions with a twist!

    These new 3D Strand FX ombre hair extensions by Great Lengths are something a bit more novel in the look of hair extensions. These extensions will give a three-dimensional ombre color effect when combined with your regular base color. The 3D Strand FX collection comes in 4 jewel tones which won’t fade and transition in hue from top to bottom.

    • Sapphire – a pastel blue base changing into jewel blue at ends
    • Ruby – a pastel pink base changing into jewel red at ends
    • Emerald – a mint green base changing into jewel green at ends
    • Amethyst – a pastel purple base changing into jewel purple at ends

    Jewel toned hair and extensions may be considered a bit radical by some, but as this trend continues it’s taken on a softer, more user-friendly side. These pure pigment tones have changed from the initial neon pinks, purples, blues and greens to softer pastels and are more acceptable to more people. Although a full head of jewel toned funky hair color isn’t on most’s to-do list, the new ombre hair extensions will no doubt be a trend we’ll be seeing more of.

    These strands by Great Lengths are made from 100% human hair which has been painstakingly dyed by professionals to transition in color from tip to end. Another unique quality to these extensions is they are colorfast. This means they won’t fade like normal hair color.  The patented process of removing the pigment from the hair involves no bleach or ammonia derivatives. The original color is completely removed and textile dyes are used to replace the original color.

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