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    Prom Hairstyle, Try Something Different

    An updo bun hair style with hair sticks

    Hair Sticks

    New prom hairstyles, try something easy with hair sticks

    Prom hairstyles don’t have to be the same old, same old . . . or worse yet having the same updo as half of the other hairstyles at the prom. Too many prom hairstyles come with a huge price tag in both time and money. It isn’t necessary to spend $100 and spend all day in a salon to achieve a unique look. Hair sticks offer some pretty neat ways to create really unique updo. Here thanks to are some great ideas for prom hairstyles you can do at home

    Prom Hairstyles & Formal Updo’s Created With Hair Sticks

    LongLocks HairSticks can be used to create a variety of different hairstyles, with a variety of different hair types, from shoulder length to very long hair. You can choose to use hair sticks as anchors for your hairstyle and show almost none of the stick, or in the case of the more beautifully ornate LongLocks hair accessories such as LongLocks GeishaStix or LongLocks DecoStix, use them as decorative hair jewelry so more of the exquisite detail of the hair accessories shows. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless, hair sticks are appropriate for everything from creating everyday hairstyles to formal updo’s for prom to romantic wedding hairstyles. With extremely little practice you will find LongLocks HairSticks to be both versatile and essential tools in easily creating elegant prom hairstyles, and will even find yourself creating new hairstyles of your own!

    The “Bun”

    The Bun hairstyle is achieved by coiling the hair into a basic bun and then “stitching” the bun to the hair against your head using an in-and-out sewing motion as you insert the hair sticks in a crossed design. You may find your hair is more controllable by putting it in a small, neutral ponytail holder first and then twisting the hair until it begins to coil naturally (make sure you hide the ponytail holder under the coils).

    Braided Bun”

    To make the Braided Bun prom hairstyle, create a standard English braid and catch the ends in a small ponytail holder. Follow the directions for the Bun above, tucking the ends underneath the coil before inserting the hairsticks.


    Read the entire article on using hair sticks in prom hairstyles and For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles, Accessorize your Hairdo and Braid Boards.




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