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    Prom Updos – Do It Yourself Ideas

    Prom Up Dos are “free with a hint of elegance”

    It is not a surprise that all the great teenage movies are climaxed by the ever so important prom scene, usually sporting prom up dos. We await four years of high school to get to this faithful night, and planning is everything. It never seems too early to decide whether you are going to be “pretty in pink” or fall victim like “Carrie!” All good outfits are just that; ‘good.’ You must be nothing shy than perfect, and that requires the complete package; killer dress, to die for shoes and accessories, and last but surely not least the drop dead gorgeous prom up do.

    Hair is the final finishing touch, fresh and free with a hint of sheer elegance, is the way to go with your prom up do. You want to be flirty with a cast of carefree appeal. It is key to show off your long flowing locks, keep things looking effortless but classy. I know that effortless sounds too good to be true, but if you are equipped with the proper step-by-step methods to create your perfect prom hair style, and remember to give it a practice run before hand, than you will have it all on your big night..

    Prom Up Dos Step-by-Step

    1. Wash and towel dry the hair. Apply a coin size amount of smoothing or straightening balm to wet hair. Follow through to the ends of the hair.
    2. Blow dry the hair on medium heat. Toss the hair upside down and brush forward with a paddle brush. This will smooth out any kinks, and allow a little root lift.
    3. When the hair is completely dry mist through a heat protecting spray (I suggest one with a shine additive). Using a ceramic plate flat-iron work in sections from the neck to the front of the head, start the iron about an inch away from the root area.
    4. Create your desired parting in the front, and clip away a one and a half-inch section. From the section to the back of the crown area begin back combing. (It is best to back comb each section twelve times).
    5. With the back of a flat brush smooth the back combed area and fasten the hair lightly with bobby pins. Take the previously clipped hair and fasten it over the existing pins. (I suggest using decorative clips with some bling, or place the pins upward into the hair so they are invisible)

    Classic Retro Bun Up Do

    1. Wash and towel dry the hair. Apply a coin size amount of smoothing or straightening balm to the wet hair. Pull through to the ends of the hair.
    2. Blow dry the hair on medium heat upside down and brush forward with a paddle brush to smooth out any kinks, and allow a little root lift.
    3. Lightly spray dry hair with a heat protecting spray with a shine additive. Set hair using large hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron to create body and shine.
    4. Slightly tease the top and smooth over to create a bit of height. Drop out two delicate tendrils, lightly curling to frame the face. Sweep all the hair to one side. Twist into a low, side bun and pin into place.

    Jessica’s Wistful Waves

    1. On dry hair mist a setting spray or light hold hair spray. Working with one inch sections starting at the neck wrap hair around the body of a large barrel curling iron. Hold for ten to fifteen seconds and then spring curl lightly out of barrel. Mist curl lightly with hair spray and then wind it to the head and fasten with a pin.
    2. Work the large barrel curling iron through to the nape area, pinning each curl. Once you have reached past the ear level switch to a medium barrel and then continue the same pattern to the front of the head. (I suggest using the large barrel again just around the face).
    3. After all the hair is pinned go back to the first one and start taking them all out. When all the pins are out toss the hair upside down and lightly finger pick the curls out.
    4. Smooth through a light shine pomade, this will finish the ends. Find your parting and style to desire!

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      Comment by hairspray wind — February 4, 2011 @ 2:27 am

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