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Quick Hairstyles for a Night Out


Looking for some quick hairstyles for a night out?

When you’re scurrying around trying to get ready for that night out, the last thing you need is a complicated  hairstyle. Here’s how to make the most of your quick hairstyle, with step-by-step tips from the experts. Keep this article handy so that you can grab some quick tips.

hairstyles for a night out

Blow-Dry for Volume

The key to getting maximum volume in your quick hairstyle is to start styling it when it’s wet, not partially dried. This works because it’s always easier to tame down too much fullness than it is to try to make more of what’s there, once the hair is almost dry.

Begin with a root-lifting product, like Goldwell’s Double Boost Rootlift Spray, or a gel, such as Goldwell’s Lagoom Jam Volume Gel. If you prefer the root lift spray, part your hair and apply the spray to each section at the scalp until it is covered with foam. If you favor gel, apply it throughout the hair. Section your hair horizontally, then hold your round brush horizontally or parallel to the floor. Start blow-drying sections over a round brush, and work through your head until you’re done. The smaller the sections, the more volume you’ll create.

hairstyles for a night out

Make a Quick Chignon

Long hair will always be in style, so making sure it doesn’t look dated is top priority. Whether dressing up for parties or just tossing on a carefree turtleneck, pulling long tresses back can add a polished sophistication.

For medium length hair, get a ponytail holder and four bobby pins that match your hair color. Begin by using your fingers to pull back all of your hair to the nape. (Second-day hair works best). Place a ponytail about two inches from the nape.

Next, use your fingers to “tease” or back-comb the ponytail to fluff it. If your hair is very silky, try adding some hairspray and then back-comb. Lift the back-combed hair slightly and secure the top, sides and bottom until it locks compact. The front should either be pulled back for a finger-tousled look or worn as a side-swept bang.

For long hair, follow the same steps, only use six bobby pins to accommodate the extra length. Positioning all of the hair at the nape looks more modern; hair that’s all pulled up high either appears dated or is too hard to make lock classic on your own.


hairstyles for a night out

Do a Quick Half Updo

For straight hair that’s roller-set first, so it’s not too slippery. Using your thumbs to pick up an initial section, slide them from your natural recessions at the front hairline back, so they meet in the back center of your crown. You should have created a triangular-shaped section. (Let any fringe fall away.)

Transfer the section to one hand, and use a paddle brush to smooth the section toward the back. Then give it a half twist and push it slightly forward to create a little height and a place to anchor one or two bobby pins. (Use jumbo-sized roller pins for dense, heavy hair.) Once the top section looks right and is anchored securely, take a section from the right side, and sweep it up and back to join the center anchor in the back. Pin and adjust the tension of the section so it works with the original one.

Next, move to the other side and repeat, continuing to work from side to side until you pin-up as much hair as you want. It’s almost like draping French braids up to the center anchor. Use hairspray like Goldwell’s Light Kiss to help control each section. The style also works beautifully for pinning all the hair up and back, but for the half-up, half-down style, you’ll probably only have to do two or three sections on each side. Check your side profile to be sure none of the sections reveals a scalp or part line. For a romantic look, keep the sections loose and drapey. Also, check the anchoring point in the back. If it looks messy or too many pins show, take a few strands of hair and create loops to disguise the pins. Don’t over do it; just a few is usually perfect.


hairstyles for a night out

Create End Curl

With today’s hot tools, you can create end curl in seconds flat. Start with the Duo Magic Hair Straightener. Its cordless and rechargeable for 60-minutes of use. Run the iron down until you get to the area where you want to add curl. Then open it up, wrap ends around half the iron and close again. That’s all it takes! Of course, a curling iron works as well, but why not have two tools in one, and the convenience of go-anywhere adaptability?


hairstyles for a night out

Add Loose Waves

It’s a`70s wash-and-wear throwback, with shapes that contour the face naturally. A flexible spray with brushable memory holds the look. This quick hairstyle, which comes from some blow-drying and lots of finger-combing. Blow-dry hair half the way, then mist on a touchable spray and encourage curl by hand as you add heat or not. Try Redken 09 workforce flexible volumizing spray or, for mild control, use Redken fabricate 3.

hairstyles for a night out

Take it smooth

Smoothing unruly wave and curl is simple. Mix a few drops of Milbon Liscio Crystal with a few drops of Redken all soft velvet whip then, blow-dry. The combination will leave your hair smooth, silky, shiny and frizz-free. When blow-drying, take sections that are not too wide or thick, and hold hair taut. Finish by running a flat iron over selected strands, so hair doesn’t look too flat and straight, and stays bodified.



  1. Oooh, love the Lauren Conrad style, thanks for the quick hair dos tip. I don’t have the Duo Magic though, I have a Karmin G3 that I love, I hope it works :)

    Comment by susie8 — September 8, 2010 @ 12:18 pm

  2. I’ve got a better idea, why don’t you write a guest post article and I’ll publish it. I really welcome guest contributors.

    Comment by Barb Quinn — April 15, 2010 @ 2:08 pm

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