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    RejuvaWand Laser Light Treatment – Week 4 Trial

    .Woman in yellow towel touching the right side of her face

    Have I been reliable in my pursuit of fewer wrinkles? You bet.

    The next question is do I see a lessening of wrinkle depth and severity in my skin? The answer is yes, I think so.

    “do I see a lessening of wrinkle depth and severity in my skin?”

    I haven’t asked for my hubby’s take on the matter because I know that’s a futile request. I can picture him now . . . wavering a bit, then saying, “you’ve got to be kidding me?” Nope, it would be like asking the rhetorical question, does my butt look big in these jeans? After twenty some years of married life he has developed the wisdom to know how to avoid with some degree of difficulty such traps.

    I’m a big believer in the idea that it’s extremely hard to be objective about ourselves in matters such as this . . . like choosing a great hairstyle or hair color etc. When looking at ourselves in the mirror, I’m certain we don’t see ourselves as others see us. I’ve observed this over the years with clients as well as students in my class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!. The majority of women seem to have a criticism of at least one facial feature or another that they perceive as being anywhere from undesirable to horrid. More often than not, others don’t see their perceived discrepancy.

    For example, too big of a nose or forehead, or too small of a chin, too long of a neck or wrinkles that hair should cover up. The result of this kind of delusional thinking, is that they become stuck in the same hairstyle year after year, dating themselves and unhappy with looking the same all the time. Using your hairstyle as a hiding strategy, almost always backfires. Anyway, I ‘m convinced it’s just part of our human nature that we observe ourselves differently than how others see us.

    So when it comes to judging whether or not my wrinkles are indeed diminishing, or not, I’m asking you to be the judge. I’ve told you what I think . . . but of course the pictures will tell a lot when I post the after shot next Friday December 7th after six weeks of usage.

    If you haven’t gone to their site, go there. They show some remarkable before and after shots that give us promise for this first-of-a-kind, “at home” remedy for wrinkles. I’ll be looking forward to your objective opinion. Let us all know what you think and post any questions you might have too.

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