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    Hair Lice Treatment Causes Breast Enlargement in Boys


    hair lice treatment causes breast enlargemet in boys


    Examine Hair Lice Treatment Labels Just in Case

    A Colorado hormone specialist has found three boys between the ages of 4 and 10 suddenly experiencing a hormone imbalance after the boys had been exposed to scented oils which contain lavender and tee tree oils.

    “Breast Enlargement
    in Boys”

    The hormone imbalance caused a temporary condition known as gynecomastia, which causes breast enlargement in boys. Probably not much here to get alarmed about as it’s only a very small study and the symptoms seem to disappear as soon as the hair lice products were no longer being applied to the boys skin.

    I don’t imagine too many of you are using scented oils on your boys, some of are very likely to see these ingredients showing up in hair lice treatments, That is something that often gets used in boys hair of this age.

    These plant oils, sometimes called essential oils, are added to many health-care products, usually for their scent. The oils are sometimes found in other household products or sold in purer forms.

    Tea tree oil is sometimes used in shampoos for head lice treatment. The suspected effect in this study is blamed on some chemical within the oils that the body processes such as estrogen, the female hormone that promotes breast growth.


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