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    Sedu Hair Styles – Hot Topic!

    Flat Irons

    Sedu Flat Irons, Are They Worth it?

    It is time to look into what all of the buzz is about. The hottest styling tool on the market today has to be the Sedu Ionic Ceramic/Tourmaline Flat Iron. At least that’s what “Allure” magazine says. A quick second is the Solia Ceramic Ion Flat Iron. On my last visit to my hair care salon, I noticed that most all of the hairdressers were straightening their own hair. The straight look is in . . .

    “Flat Irons Review”

    I wanted to know what the difference was between a normal straightening flat iron and a ceramic, ionic, tourmaline straightening flat iron? Is it really worth the difference in price? I admit I would have trouble paying $209.95 for a straightening iron! But, after reading up and talking with some folks out there, sounds like paying somewhere between $85.00 to $125.95 is not out of the ball park, and I just checked eBay Straightening Iron Category and found many bargains. But make sure you get a warranty and your buying from a dealer who will stand behind the flat iron. Having a one-year warranty could be very important. While looking through the reviews, lots and lots of women seem to have trouble with these flat irons dying early.

    The difference between a great straightening flat iron and a mediocre one is huge.

    A great flat iron will:

    Leave any hair type silkier, shinier and healthier feeling. It will take half the time or less than others to heat up and to style your hair. It will last days, through rain or humidity and will eliminate frizzyness. Can straighten, bend, flip and spiral curl your hair. It will have a variable temperature selection option, which may just save your hair!

    A mediocre flat iron will:

    Take longer to style your hair and may not eliminate frizz. Can result in more hair pulling, may not last very long when it does straighten and may be more apt to burn your hair, not a pretty sight. More importantly, it can’t be undone.

    Tip: Always use the least amount of heat to get the job done.

    If you are not a techie you can stop reading now, but for those of you who are into that sort of thing here is how it works. Negative ions eliminate frizz by leaving more moisture in the hair shaft. So, ceramic plates are described as able to heat more quickly and more evenly with no hotspots. It is said to preserve moisture by penetrating to the center of the hair shaft, exposing the hair to less heat and to eliminate frizz. I wrote more on this technology in my recent blog on hair dryers.

    Tourmaline is a gemstone, so a natural product. The best description I could get for “Tourmaline” technology was here.

    Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Irons take flat irons to the next level by adding Tourmaline negative ion technology. Use of 100% crushed Tourmaline jewels ensures the most negative ions and far infrared heat and the healthiest, sleekest results.”

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    1. i heard the same as well. can anyone confirm??

      Comment by Stacey — March 19, 2006 @ 12:09 am

    2. I understand Folica is the maker of the sedu flat iron. Is this true? Were you paid anything for your review from anyone?

      Comment by kathy — February 24, 2006 @ 8:05 pm

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