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Short Hair Hairstyles, Try One

Charlize Theron with a Short Layered Hair Style

Some of my clients won’t even consider short hair hairstyles
“Short Hair Hairstyles are for Everybody”

A conversation with a hairstyle makeover client often goes like this Me: “have you thought about a short hair hairstyle?” Client: “Nope, nada, neyt, never, not a chance, don’t even think of, it’ll be a cold day in . . . etc., etc.” It’s almost like a steel wall comes down and closes the mind. Yet, I know from professional experience that she would look absolutely stunning with a short hair hairstyle. It’s one of those great unanswerable questions about the hairstyle business, that I hope to figure out before St. Peter forces me to lay down my scissors.

So you might guess that I had a bit of professional jealousy when I read that Enzo Anileri was able to get Charlize Theron to try a short hair hairstyle, read on . . .

Try a short Hair Hairstyle

THE SHORT ON SHORT HAIR HAIRSTYLES: Short hair isn’t only for mature women and rebel rockers. Any woman can wear a short hair hairstyle, says Matrix hairdresser Enzo Angileri. The key is in the haircut.

Before lopping off long hairstyle, consider the shape of your face, he advises.

If your face is long or oval, get a short hair hairstyle that doesn’t have too many layers in the front. Instead you should build volume from the sides.

If you have a round face, try an asymmetric haircut with pieces of all different lengths.

A short hair bob with lots of layers works well for square jaw lines. Longer pieces positioned toward the face crates a frame and softens the line, he says.

Next, analyze your hair type. Curly hair shouldn’t have too many layers or it’ll look puffy on top. If your hair is very fine, add layers to pump up the volume.

Women with thick straight hair is a shorter version of a shag, to keep the overall look from being to boxy or square. “The ideal short hair hairstyle always has to have long pieces on the back of the neck and front of the ears. Also the bangs have to be on the long side,” Angileri says.

Angileri is the hairdresser responsible for Charlize Theron’s short hair hairstyles.




  1. I disagree. I think it’s the stylists who need to realize that they are here to help their clients look the way they want to look, not to try to convince them to do something they don’t want. I personally do not visit salons because I don’t want to be argued with re: my choices about my body. If I don’t want short hair, I don’t want short hair– I’m not here as a template for a hairstylist. They have mannequins for that.

    Comment by Kandace — January 2, 2007 @ 2:17 am

  2. As a guy, I like the short hair look best. Its makes her look confident and distinguished and maybe also a bossy look in which is a turn on to me in a gal. I don’t see in no way it removes her feminenity but rather gives her a cute look. I think society is just accustomed to women having long hair. I’m not against it by no means, but I like the short look better now. I noticed that also, short hair makes her figure stand out more, its easier to manage ect. being that there are more benifits with having short hair, why don’t we try it for a year women all going short and see what happens? At the least we can put a mark in the history books.

    Comment by JoeyMars — November 12, 2006 @ 5:05 pm

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