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    40s Hairstyles

    Hairstyles of the 40s

    40s Hairstyle . . .With New Twist

    Gwen Stefani is a doll and believable retro babe in these throwback hairstyles of the 40s. That’s because besides the right hairstyle, she gets the makeup and dress right too. She’s been ahead of her time, wearing these glamour girl 1940s hairstyles for maybe a couple of years now. The 20’s, 30’s and 40s hairstyles are making a comeback, here’s how to get this look.

    “DIY How To of
    1940s Hairstyles”

    • Blow dry the hair out smooth using a light holding product like a mousse.

    • Tease one inch sections of hair on top of the head starting at the crown and moving forward.

    • Smooth each section back as you go, creating smooth height on top. Leave out only a V section of bang.

    • Brush the hair straight back, leaving height on top and smoothing it close on the sides.

    • Spritz with a light hairspray, smoothing the sides again for a clean finish.

    • To create the roll in top, use a big rod curling iron with a thermal styling spray to create lift and curl. Backcomb for lift and hold. Gently smooth out using fingers to create the curl size you want. Finish with spray.

    • The ponytail ends can also be curled using a thermal spray & curling iron if desired.

    To complete this 40s hairstyle, don’t skimp on your makeup . . . Red lips, light foundation and heavy on the eye liner and mascara. If you know what you’re doing with false eyelashes, they can work well here too!

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