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    Beauty Schools Offer Recession Alternative

    Beauty Schools

    Beauty Schools are a great career choice

    Is there a beauty school in your future? Times are tough, you’ve just lost the job you hated and you are looking for a new beginning in one of the hardest economic times this country has faced in decades. Things are looking gloomy, but perhaps this is the time to re-think your path. Are you a style hound on a budget? That’s where being a recessionista involves getting creative.  Even in an economic downturn, you can still use a bad situation as an opportunity to start again!  All you need is a Beauty School Boost!

    “Beauty Schools a Career Alternative”Cosmetology beauty schools and its related career fields is a solid part of the workforce that will not be going away any time soon. In fact, the need for personal appearance workers is projected to grow slightly faster than the average for all occupations through 2016. What does that mean for someone considering the field? For over half of cosmetologists nationwide, it means being self-employed. This offers plenty of perks not available in other walks of life including setting your own hours, being a business owner, and seeing the direct effects of helping someone else feel better! Maintaining one’s personal appearance never goes out of style, and neither does the feeling you get when you create a job well done.

    The prospect of “going back to school” may be a bit intimidating, but a beauty school is often a terrific learning experience that lasts only a year or less. It also offers an environment rich with hands-on learning and minimal “book work”.  Cosmetologists are lucky people in that they come to work ready for an outlet for their creativity and skill and go home knowing they will always be in demand.

    Another great thing about enrolling in a beauty school is that they are plentiful, meaning you will most likely be able to avoid moving far away or a long commute.

    I’ve gathered for you the best beauty school in my neighborhood that provides
    all three means of study:

    Chicago Beauty School and the Chicago Nail School or the Chicago Esthetician School. But if you’d like to find one near you, here’s a fantastic resource of schools across the nation! Beauty Schools Central or Beauty School Directory.

    Good luck on your search and all the best in getting your most important license since you learned to drive!

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    How to choose a beauty school

    Hairdressers topped a job satisfaction survey conducted in the UK

    Snip ‘n’ smile ~~ Carolina D’Souza of writes about how hairdressers have topped this year’s annual survey conducted by a UK-based company, City & Guilds Happiness Index. This comes as no surprise whatever, as I have always said that this industry is full of personal satisfaction and fulfillment, plus lots of opportunity for someone who is willing to really strive to become the top of the pile. Some celebrity hairdressers live in the same neighborhood as their clients.

    “Ask other hairdressers, they’ll be able to tell you who in your area is turning out hot graduates” I got tired of the corporate politics, I needed to be around people and have some flexibility and freedom in my job. I quit my job and went to cosmetology school  and spent the next 27 years in the business and have never regretted a day of it. I proudly renew my license each year.

    Hair styling is a career which allows you to showcase your creativity, to have fun, to earn fame and good money. It’s a great opportunity for growth, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and always be on the cutting edge of fashion. Most hairdressers count their clients as friends, everyday you’re hearing about the important stuff in their lives. People sharing things with their hairdresser that they won’t even talk about with their best friends.

    Each state has different licensing requirements, but in most states you can be licensed after about nine months of beauty school. Cosmetology schools are plentiful and have a wide range of costs so shop around. The brand name of  beauty schools really does not matter much. Getting a job in any hair care salon is usually pretty easy it’s getting the clients that is the hard part. I have never had a client ask where I graduated and even if they had they wouldn’t know one from another.

    Visit the schools and look at the results of their clients walking out the door. Ask other hairdressers, they’ll be able to tell you who in your area is turning out hot graduates.

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