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    Hairstyling tips, the braid ponytail

    Braid Ponytail

    A braid ponytail one of my favorite looks

    I know I’m becoming a broken record on this issue of getting the hair off of your face. It is really one of the biggest missed opportunities in the beauty world. “Braid Ponytail, the off the face look” Hairdresser don’t like to recommend it because, they think the customer would frown on such a simple suggestions. So many women who really should be wearing the off the face looks, never give them a try. What a shame.

    It is particularly important for the following groups:


    • Plus sized women
    • Oval face shapes
    • Short women
    • Women with great eyes (nose, ears or necklines)
    • Round face shapes
    • Women with extra long hair

    A real low risk way to test out how people react to an off the face look for you is to try a variety of braid ponytails. Here, thanks to The Honolulu Advertiser is an article that can give you some hints on doing it well.

    When your hairstyle takes a tail spin
    Whether casual or fancy, braid ponytail care requires some effort
    By Paula Rath
    The Honolulu Advertiser

    From Brigitte Bardot to Kate Moss, the braid ponytail has long been a sassy hairstyle statement, and it’s back — the braid ponytail has been sashaying down runways and swishing on the red carpet. Trussed braid ponytail are perfect for women ready to swing into summer.The 2006 braid ponytail is either informally insouciant or posh and polished, and is anything but a last-ditch effort on a bad-hair day.

    At a recent Chanel fashion show-benefit for the American Red Cross in Honolulu, hairdresser Kihan paired the braid ponytail with Karl Lagerfeld’s edgy designs. “It’s a mood,” Kihan explains. “It’s loose and easy, not sleek and contrived.”

    On the runways in Europe and New York, Miu Miu models’ hair was pulled back at the nape of the neck, while Pucci opted for a slicked-back, glossy look and Matthew Williamson marched out his models in high, almost samurai-style topknots.

    Hollywood is ponytailing it in a big way. Keira Knightley has been seen in a soft, sexy version with wisps of hair around her face. Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang prefers a sophisticated tightly pulled-back braid ponytail. Gwyneth Paltrow is known for a loose, easy, feminine take on the style.

    Be aware, however, that even the most casual-looking braid ponytail requires a little effort. Sure, a braid ponytail can be low-maintenance, but it should not be no maintenance. Those escaping wisps can look sweet and sexy — or just plain sloppy. The posh braid ponytail is not achieved by simply yanking the hair back and pulling it through a rubber band.

    “It’s important not to make (a braid ponytail) look contrived. It should look like you did it yourself, but it actually takes a lot of work to achieve that look,” says Kihan.


    For more great braid ideas check out our Pinterest Braid Board

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    Hairstyles With Braids Trend

    Hairstyles with Braids

    Hairstyles with braids and pigtails for Spring/Summer

    With Braids”
    “The All-American look of Alexander Wang is best met with a casual and easy side braid,” says hair designer Guido Palau.

    Guido Palau, creative consultant for Redken, brings us these hairstyles with braids and pigtails for spring/summer. Guido is world renown for his innovative hairstyle creations. He works with the industry’s most prestigious fashion houses including Prada, Marc Jacobs, Versace and Louis Vuitton to name a few.

    He shared with us how to duplicate these cool hairstyles with braids and pigtails with an attitude which he designed to coincide with Prada and Alexander Wang’s spring/summer collections. These hairstyles are sure to be seen out and about this spring and summer no matter if you’re wearing Prada or not! He brings them to us from the runways in Paris, New York, London and Milan.

    Hairstyles with Braids
    Hairstyles with Braids
    Alexander Wang RTW show

    “By adding an a few hair extensions it gives it much more drama and length, than if I just used their own hair,” says Guido. “In giving it an asymmetrical fringe look, it gives it a bit of sexiness rather than it being a center part for instance.” He goes on to say it is a look you can create at home because it’s more of a disheveled look and should not look perfectly coiffed.

    To get this look: Rough dry the hair and apply Redken Thickening Lotion 06 to damp hair. Create a side part and dry bang area up at root to create lift and a droop over the eye area. Scrunch hair to create a textured look. (Guido clips in one or two extensions also for more length and drama.) Pull to the side and do a basic school braid. If needed, pin the bang side of hair into braid so it doesn’t fall in the face. Spray lightly with finishing spray.

    Hairstyles with Braids
    Hairstyles with Bangs
    Prada Spring/Summer

    From his “Urban Romance” collection Guido creates this modern version of a schoolgirl-ish, kind of 60’s look with a little bit Bridgette Bardot and a little bit grungy look about it. It’s a mussy, ‘ruffed up schoolgirl’ look that brings with it a sense of ‘naughtiness” says Guido. The back of this hairstyle is sprayed to flatten and smooth it against the head.

    To get this look: Ruff dry the hair using Redken Thickening Lotion 06 on damp hair. Backcomb slightly at crown. Create a deep side parting and secure two pigtails with hair colored bands. Pull hair out enough to cover one eye. Pull some hair up to stand up slightly at crown. Use a strong holding hairspray like Redken’s Forceful 23 Spray to smooth back and sides to the head shape. Be sure to let part of the ear show through to give this the ‘schoolgirl’ look. Oh . . . and don’t forget the ‘tangerine’ lipstick with high peaks to create a pouty mouth to complete the look!!


    Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends and Braid Boards.


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    Try Braids This Summer Like Jessica Simpson!

    Jessica Simpson with Braids

    Jessica Simpson’s Braids Make For a Quick and Easy Hairstyle
    “How to do Jessica Simpson Braids”

    Jessica Simpson’s hair braids are a perfect summer hairdo. They can be dressed up or down and are a great hairstyling option if you don’t have a lot of time to spend doing your hair. If you know how to create a basic braid you can get this super hot braid hairstyle just like Jessica Simpson.

    Here’s how to re-create these relaxed, yet stylish summer braids:

    • Step 1: Part your hair naturally, taking a section out in front and pinning the rest back so that it doesn’t interfere with your braid.
    • Step 2: Braid hair back off your hairline, French braid style, toward the backside of your ear. If you don’t know how to French braid your hair, check these articles Styling Your Hair: How To French Braid Hair or, you can do a traditional style braid and just tuck it back instead. If you do decide to braid your hair traditionally, keep your braid tucked in place with a few bobby pins.
    • Step 3: Braid your hair until you reach the end of your hairline (which should be somewhere right in front of or behind your ear depending on where you are directing the hair) and then secure with an elastic band.

    Jessica Simpson Braid Hints & Tips:

    For a more chic and sleek braided hairstyle, dampen the area to be braided and then run a small dollop of styling cream throughout those strands only. Then flat iron the rest of the hair for an ultra-chic braided hairstyle.

    To achieve a more casual look, part your hair deep to one side and braid your hair like above, but repeat on the other side of your part as well. Let the rest of your hair fall naturally for an organic and free-spirited style that is all your own (and Jessica Simpsons, of course)!

    Jessica Simpson with Braids

    Jessica Simpson’s Braids Are Perfect for Both Long Hairstyles and Short Hairstyles.

    For more great braid ideas and to stay current with what is happening with the celebs check out our Pinterest Braid and Celebrities Boards.


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