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Punch Up Brown Hair Color with These Ideas

Brown hair with highlights

How to Add Life and Vitality to Brown Hair Color

Do you feel your brown hair color has become a bit drab and boring lately, and it needs a lift? Or, maybe you just need a change from the same old, same old?  Beautiful brunettes have a big range of hair colors to choose from that will perk up dulled locks. Whether you want to deepen, brighten or lighten your strands, (or maybe a little of both) here are a few ideas of what you can do to add radiance to your brown tresses.


brown hair color

Skin Tone

Before choosing a hair color, you’ll first need to determine your skin tone in order to know which shades of brown will be the most flattering on you. It’s always best to choose a color that will enhance your natural beauty. A simple rule of thumb  for choosing the right shade is;  if your skin has cool underlying tones, pick a hair color that is also cool in tone, and the same is true for warm tones. An easy way to test this is to hold up something silver and gold next to your skin, in the daylight, and observe which color is more complimentary on you. If you find it hard to be objective, invite a friend to help out. If you opt for gold, you have warm tones in your skin, if you opt for silver, its cool tones for you.

Brown hair golden highlights

Hair Color

Choosing a hair color off the shelf is difficult. The general rule is to stay within to 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural color. Consider chestnut brown, or deep chocolate brown, for those of you with cool tones, and caramel or golden browns for a lighter, warmer look. After you have chosen a color, you’ll need to decide your length of commitment to the color. If you want a color that will wash out fairly quickly with the least amount of damage to your hair, your best option is semi-permanent hair color. These hair dyes last roughly 6 to 12 shampoos ( or more depending on your hair)  and they won’t lighten your hair color. You can only go darker with semi-permanent colors.

If you want something that will last a bit longer try a demi-permanent hair dye. These colors normally last from 12 to 24 shampoos, and provide a noticeable change to your hair color. They can cover gray hair, or just tint the gray’s, depending on the hair type. Demi-permanent colors are a great choice for adding shine and depth to color that has faded. They are not as damaging to the hair as permanent dyes.

Permanent dye does what it says, it permanently changes the color of your hair.  It contains ammonia and peroxide which gives it the superpower to lighten your hair color and deposit a new color over it.  Keep in mind, if you make a big color change with permanent hair color, you’ll need touch-ups approximately every 4 to 6 weeks.

 Brown Hair with Red Ends

Want a Pop of  Hair Color that’s Temporary?

You can inject bright colors into your hair by using a temporary product called Hair Shadows, by Colorsmash. These powers packs are a way to add zing to your hair color without the commitment. Simply rub the color onto the sections of hair you want brightened, seal it with a spritz of hairspray or a hot iron and you’re good to go.  Just wash it out when you want!

These colors appear a bit darker on brown hair, but they still look fantastic. Colors that look amazing in brown hair are blues, purples, greens, some reds and pinks, but feel free to experiment with them all – these are washout products so you can’t lose. This semi-permanent solution is another option for the dye-hard fan of bright colors. Semi-permanent colors can be applied to prelightened or bleached hair for maximum effect. Again reds, blues and purples will look best in brown hair color. These products can readily be found on the Internet at affordable prices, and will often wash out within 12 washes depending on the porosity of your hair.

Whether you want to change your look with a full head of color; highlights; lowlights; or just to be more adventurous; brown hair color is extremely versatile. It will brighten your look when you have found the shades that suit you best. Remember to use products for color treated hair to help your color stay vibrant and last longer!

Contributing author Anisha Bhogaita is head of Editorial Creatives for a hair dye provider in the UK, Hunt or Dye, who specialise in providing bright hair colours and bleaching kits from brands such as La Riche and Crazy Colour . She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise.

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Four Gorgeous Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Looking for a Sexy New Look? Try a Variation of Chocolate Brown

Being a brunette is a life’s mission for some and a whim for others, but whatever the case, you should probably take a look. Somewhere down the road, you may develop a burning desire to sport chocolate colored hair with dark roots and lighter tips, the hair flows naturally to frame the face. This ombre hair look is great and the best part is, it works well with almost any skin tone and practically any hair style.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color with Caramel Highlights

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Highlights

Apparently, our stomachs are not the only places where chocolate works well with caramel! This lightened effect is genius given her fair complexion and you could always tailor the shades to suit and flatter your coloring. Highlights look great on dark brown hair – see more coloring ideas for dark brown hair.

Eva Longoria with Chcolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate Brown with Golden Brown Highlights

Eva Longoria is famous for her fabulous looking hairdos in Desperate Housewives and elsewhere. Her chocolate hair color with warm golden brown highlights, create depth and a bit of intrigue. It may be hard to find a hair style that does not absolutely flatter this type of hair coloring. Nothing says ‘confident’ more than a woman who is fearless about spicing things up with a little variety.

Katie Holmes with Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Completely Chocolate Colored Hair Color

We can’t discuss chocolate hair color without referring to Katie Holmes. She shows us how it’s done in this completely chocolate  hair color.

The advantage with the chocolate brown hair color is if you want to look au natural, you should definitely go for the dark roots and body of rich, creamy, chocolate; yes, no matter your hairstyle. As Katie has proven a time or two, complete chocolate colored hair is sexy regardless of length.

I would love to read your feedback and color ideas.

Hairstyle Blog contributing author Garima Mehta

Garima Mehta writes for – offering tips on latest hairstyles and hair coloring tips. In her free time she loves visiting new places and playing with her little daughter.

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Brown Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Lea Michele brown hair color for cool skin tones

Look like a dream . . . in these brown hair colors!

Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone can honestly mean the difference between looking healthy and vibrant to looking freaky pale and seriously under-the-weather!

But, determining the tone of your skin isn’t that easy really, it’s not always clear cut and our skin tone changes with the time of year, depending on how much sun we are exposed to . . .  it also changes with age.

When considering a new hair color, highlights or lowlights, take a few minutes to to answer these questions on what is my skin tone? Before you browse photos for hair color inspiration, find the answer to whether you are warm or cool toned and what underlying hues may be hiding from your awareness.

When it comes to brown hair colors, there are so many rich colors to choose from, ranging from exquisite caramel tones to magnificent shades of mahogany and umber brown tones.

As a general rule, if you have cool skin tones, shades of brown with cool undertones balance well.  Hair colors with too much of warm, golden tones will not be as good a match for you. Whether you’re planning highlights, lowlights or all-over color, here are some great matches of brown hair colors for cool skin tones you can print out and bring to your hair colorist.

Beyonce brown hair with caramel highlights on cool skin tone

Light brown hair color

Many hues in lighter brown hair colors fall into too much warmth to flatter a cool complexion. For a hint of light brown that won’t turn up the heat on your complexion,  you can look to this hair color on Beyonce.  I think her newer golden blonde hair color is too warm for her cool skin tone but here, she has the base of her natural brown hair with caramel highlights which balances out perfectly to give her a rosy glow.

Debra Messing with brown-red hair color with cool skin tone

Red Brown Auburn Hair Color

A red-brown hair color (heavier on the red in this case) looks stunning with cool skin tones. I am putting Debra Messing into a brownish-red category back in her famous Will & Grace days. She has opted to go heavier on the red side since then and I love that on her as well (although sometimes it’s gotten too warm of a red in my opinion.) But here she is in a deep mahogany red-brown hair color and isn’t it smashing??

Mila Kunis with medium brown hair color and a cool skin tone

Medium Brown Hair Color

Mila Kunis wears a medium-rich chocolate brown hair color that works beautifully on most cool skin types. If you like this look but feel that it’s too dark, just add in a few caramel highlights around the face to lighten things up. Check Mila out for inspiration on colors that pop.

Lea Michael wearing a dark brown hair color with a cool skin tone

Deep Brown Hair Color

Glee star Lea Michele’s most notable asset (minus the voice) is her rocking hair. Her rich deep brown hair color with ends that are only slightly lighter, looks magnificent with her cool skin tone. You don’t have to go all ombre to enjoy a dark shade of cool brown with lighter ends. Subtle lighter tones help to brighten up cool skin tones without clashing.

Megan Fox-darkest-brown-hair-color-cool-skin-tone

Deepest Brown Hair Color

Take things a notch darker with hair color that’s nearly jet black! The key to this beautiful hair color on Megan Fox is that the darkest brown hair color is broken up with highlights of deep mahogany browns . . . gorgeous!  Megan wears this well, with a deep rich brown that’s so close to black, you would swear it was black, but . . . the mahogany highlights add a touch of dimension that makes this hair color amazing!

For many ideas see our Pinterest Hair Colors for Cool Tones Board.


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