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How to Color Previously Highlighted Hair

Hair High lights

Color over previous hair high lights can be tricky

A very good portion of the top of my head is my natural color. Which is a light brown. Probably a good 4 inches of it has grown in. I have long hair and the rest of my hair always fades back to this blonde color that I dyed it a year or so ago. Is there a way where I can dye the blonder part of my hair to the natural light brown shade of the top and have it stay? Or will I always have to keep re dying it every few months.

Comment by Kari


Sounds to me the old color you are trying to cover is a cool or platinum blonde, you have little to no warmth from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. If this is the case, a tint back to your natural hair color can be a little tricky!

The reason your hair keeps fading back to blonde is because your hair is hollow on the inside. In other words the hair has been stripped of any original melanin and that pigment needs to be put back in order for the color to stay.

A two step hair color application is your best bet in order for the color to be a success! You will need a semi-permanent hair color that is one shade lighter than your natural hair color with a red and/or gold tone to it. You will also need a permanent color that is as close to your natural hair color as possible or, one shade darker to allow for fading. You will want to pick a permanent hair color that is neutral in tonal value so the outgrowth is nearly invisible.

Once you have chosen the hair colors to best suit your hair you will apply the semi- permanent hair color first. Apply the color from the outgrowth to the ends of the hair, this is the filler for the blonde hair and will replace the missing pigment that was previously stripped out.

After the filler is processed and rinsed, apply the permanent color from roots to ends of the hair. If your hair tends to be dry, keep the color off the last inch and a half of your hair until the last 5 minutes of processing time, this will prevent the hair from getting too dark on the ends.

Hair High lights
Keep in mind that to get maximum results, it is best to section the hair into four quadrants taking ½” sub sections when applying the hair color. Also despite popular belief, it is best to apply color on freshly shampooed, damp hair. This helps the color to apply more easily and evenly.

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