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    Paul Mitchell Schools Are a Hot Franchise

    Paul Mitchell Schools

    Paul Mitchell School makes Franchise Times hottest franchise list is reporting that that the Paul Mitchell beauty school franchise is on the “Fast 55” a list of the fastest-growing young franchises according to Franchise Times Magazine.

    This comes as no surprise to me as the Paul Mitchell organization is not only a top Brand in the hair care product business, but they are one of the best managed companies in the cosmetology industry. They continually win awards and accolades for their cutting edge styles and technology from my hair stylist friends in the industry, and we are a tough bunch to please. The Paul Mitchell partner schools are known for their community involvement and philanthropic endeavors, having raised in excess of $3 million for various causes and charities.

    Paul Mitchell has more 100 hundred schools across the country. The Paul Mitchell schools franchise was named #1 in the Top 50 Franchises-Midsize category by Franchise Business Review in 2010 and is #1 in the Category of Health and Beauty. They have received two 2011 Franchise Satisfaction Awards from Franchise Business Review.

    Paul Mitchell Beauty Schools

    The Paul Mitchell School prepares students in the art of hair design, hair cutting, hair color, texture and makeup. Students pay about $17,000 for the program which typically takes about 1,600 hours and with many schools running a capacity of 200 or more students per year the economics are attractive.

    The booming beauty school business is bringing out the big guns. Brands like Paul Mitchell, Aveda and Regis have a decided advantage in that they can attract students who otherwise wouldn’t have considered cosmetology as a career. Students who are trained in these brand name schools are in demand and are being actively recruited in the high end salons where fees are the most lucrative.

    A beauty school is one of the steadiest businesses I can think of, no such thing as a recession our business and there has always been a shortage of hair stylists as long as I have been in the industry.

    My hubby Gary has spent many years in the franchise business and knows franchising, when I showed him this article while I was writing it, he instantly said “that is an out-of-the-park home run” in fact, he suggested I look into it as a new business venture (as if I needed one more thing on my plate).

    For more information check out the Paul Mitchell Partner Schools website.

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    How to Become a Hairdresser

    How to Become a Hairdresser

    How to Become a Hairdresser; Where Does the Search Begin?

    The decision is made, you’re going to become a hairdresser! You’ve always enjoyed doing your own hair and your friend’s hair, so why not make it a career? So where do you begin the search on how to become a hairdresser? The options are endless in the schools available, the cost and the curriculum they use. The cost of school can range anywhere from $7,000 to $20,000. You may be able to pay that all off at once by securing a personal loan, but if you’ve never had financial responsibility before this could be difficult. Before taking this step, it is best to find out How to build credit, and look at the different financing options available to you. At all beauty schools, you receive the state required hours of education that varies from state to state. The difference in cost usually is in the beauty school kits, the cosmetology course books offered and extra tools they use.

    Often, prospective students will check out the cosmetology schools in their own area first, although it is not uncommon to commute a distance to beauty school, or even to rent an apartment because the beauty school may be in a different state or country.

    Many beauty schools offer financial aid for the cost of education, food, housing and more supplies that may be needed. To qualify for financial aid is pretty much like applying for a student loan. Financially, you have to fit into a certain income range for the government to assist you in your education. The tuition and additional costs will have to be paid back, usually starting after graduation from beauty school. Don’t be tempted by financial relief scams, stop student loan forgiveness calls being able to access your phone as these can be the most tempting.

    Some beauty schools have a better reputation in the hair salon industry than others. The Beauty School Directory is a great resource to begin your search. You will also find information there on programs that teach Esthetics, Skin Care Nail Technology, Barbering and more.

    Try calling some reputable hair salons to ask for their opinion for the better beauty schools in your area. Just keep in mind, at any beauty school, you learn the basics needed to pass state board exams. The majority of your life skills in hairdressing will come from hands on experience, extra classes and your peers.

    It’s a good idea to visit any prospective beauty school you are considering, during the school day. You will be able to get a feel of which school is a better fit for you. Call to set up an appointment with the admissions office for a tour and remember to dress nice. Some schools may reject prospective students because of how they dress for the tour, always remember to dress for success!

    Beauty school customers, students and instructors

    Pay attention to the students – are they are all busy and not just sitting around or even sleeping? (I’ve seen it!) Get a feel, good, bad or ugly from your surroundings and you will know if it feels right. Talk to the students, hopefully you will not pick a Negative Nellie from the group who will have nothing good to say about the school!

    Don’t be afraid to ask any questions like:

    • How long does the course take if you are full-time?
    • What are the full-time day hours?
    • Is there a dress code?
    • What if you miss a day, can you make it up?
    • Do we come every Saturday? (Saturday’s, once your on the floor is the best day for experience)

    Hairdressing is an art and you have to pay your dues to make the big bucks. A clientele is not handed to you; you earn it with your skills. Continuing education is the key to success and passion for the industry is a must in how to become a great hairdresser!

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    Cosmetology Schools Teach Life Lessons

    10 things I’ve learned from being a cosmetology student

    by Andrea Lemelin

    Six months into cosmetology school, aside from learning the fundamentals of being a hair stylist, I’ve been able to take away some life lessons which any aspiring beauty school student should know. So, if you’re planning on going to somewhere like the Inland Empire beauty academy then make sure you take notes of these tips!

    1. Be the guinea pig: One of the obvious perks to being a cosmetology student is the free practice! Testing techniques with classmates allows you to learn about different hair products and become more knowledgeable in discussions with your clients. You’ll also be able to get those bright pink peak-a-boo highlights out of your system while you can get away with it.
    2. Observation is key: Every hair stylist has their own techniques, likes various products or uses special tools. Half of the tips I’ve picked up are from watching my fellow students. When there’s some downtime, I walk around and see what others are doing. Not everything is in the books, so looking around at your colleagues can spark some interest in something new you want to try. It might be interesting for some people to take a cosmetology practice test to see if you’re ready after doing plenty of observation.
    3. Make mistakes and get dirty: The only way to learn is from your minor mess-ups. I now know to stay far away from the scalp when using texturizing sheers. School is the place to make some mistakes, and you will. Just stay calm, grab an instructor and whatever you do, don’t say “uh-oh”.
    4. A little acetone goes a long way: It’s important to remember where you are and what you are doing. You are selling the beauty industry. Do you really want your chipped fingernail polish in the mirror for the client to stare at? Take the time to look professional. You may be working 2 jobs a day and running from here to there, but make sure you come to beauty school looking polished.
    5. Skip the gym and hit the salon floor: Prepare yourself for a work out. Beauty school consists of doing a haircut while another client’s hair color is processing or shampooing a client for a fellow student while they set up their station. Burning some extra calories by multi-tasking for hours on end is another perk of the salon environment.
    6. Learn to love the perm rod: A perm may seem like an archaic styling technique now-a-days, but certainly not at a cosmetology school. Perm wraps are a hurdle for every student to jump, but once you get it down, you’ll be a pro! Don’t be afraid to use this more traditional salon service to create a modern hair style, such as a messy beach wave.
    7. Black is the new black: I’m sure my cosmetology school is not alone with its strict dress code. I feared how fast black from the waist down would get boring . . . but I grew to love it! Use the simplicity of the dress code to your advantage. Try some new accessories or some funky up-dos to make your look more exciting. Keeping your wardrobe simple is a great way to allow a polished hair design or some fresh-faced make-up to take a stand.
    8. ASK!: As a cosmetology student, you are there to learn, you will never have all the answers. When in doubt, grab an instructor. It is their job to teach you. Asking some technical questions and ending with a happy client is worth the extra time.
    9. Build a bond: There’s been no greater feeling than a client coming in for a second time. Before I knew it, it turned into a third and forth time. Taking my time and talking to my clients has allowed a level of trust and understanding to develop. Pre-booking clients and getting referrals is never to be underestimated. It guarantees more practice and begins a client base. Tips from your regulars don’t hurt either!
    10. You are only as good as you wanna be: Anyone can cut hair, but not everyone can be a high level hair stylist. You have to love it. When you love what you are doing, you want to learn more and become the best. Set your goals high, and your passion with help you reach them!

    Guest contributor Andrea Lemelin is a cosmetology student at Empire Beauty School in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She hopes to take her education to a freelance level with an emphasis in wedding and personal hair styling. She certainly has a bright future, both as a hair stylist and a future as a regular contributor here at Hairstyle Blog.

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