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    Pixie Haircut and Crop Haircut What is the Difference?

    Do you know the difference of pixie cut and crop haircuts?

    Julie Asks:

    I got my hair cut a couple of days ago at an expensive hairdressing salon, thinking they would do a good job and I’m so unhappy with it. I decided to cut my chin length bob cut into a crop cut. I was sure the stylist and I both had the same picture in mind. I said I would like it cut like Ginnifer Goodwin’s crop cut and he told me it would look great on me and started cutting. My “crop cut” looks much shorter than Ginnifer’s and its so short I don’t know what to do with it! Please help!


    Pixie cuts and crop cuts can easily get misinterpreted in name by both hairdressers and clients. I’ve seen hair magazines mismatch the haircuts at times, calling what I would name a pixie cut a crop cut and vice versa.  I wore a ‘pixie cut’ every summer from as early as I can remember, until I became master of my own domain.  My sisters and I hated the short haircut back then that made us look like boys . . . for us (and many in our generation) the name ‘pixie cut’ got a bad connotation.

    For what it’s worth, pixie cuts have shorter layers throughout. If you hold the hair straight out from the head it would measure approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches in length. Crop cuts have longer layers on top or sometimes just in the bangs, measuring more like 3 to 4 inches in length.

    Unfortunately for you, Ginnifer Goodwin has dabbled back and forth between pixie cuts and crop cuts for quite a while now, and your stylist had one picture of her in mind, while yours was quite another. A picture in hand of the hair style you like is your best defense against a mishap like the one you just experienced in the future. A picture tells a thousand words!
    The good news is if you can wear the crop cut, you should also be able to wear the pixie cut. The key is learning how to style this short cut. To get a cute, edgy look to this style, you only need a bit of imagination and some molding paste to separate the pieces. Use a picture to copy or go back to the hair stylist and ask him to show you how to style it.

    An old quote from the hair industry you may or may not like . . .”the difference between a good and bad haircut is only a couple of weeks”

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    Cute Crop Hair Cuts

    Attractive Brunette in crop hair cut with long, asymmetrical fringe

    Three Cool Crop Hair Cuts


    The above cropped hair has long, asymmetrical fringe and an undercut short side moving around your ear are your ticket to instant chic! Hair is just long enough to lift at the roots with a small round brush. Style the heavy side with texture spray and finger-ruffle as you dry, then add volume with a large round brush.

    A brunette with natural curly hair and a cropped hair style TWIST & SHORT

    Show off natural curl by letting it go wild. The back is shorter and rounded while side pieces are left longer so they frame your face. To style, work in a curl-booster and diffuse-dry as you finger-twirl tendrils.

    Woman with black hair with a cropped hair cut with side swept bangs


    The front is all side-swept bangs with soft sideburns; all it needs is a quick brush-through. The crown has tons of short layers that let you gain volume fast by blow-drying it with a round brush. The tapered nape brings it all together.


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    Bi-Level Crop Hairstyle

    Model with a Layered Bi-Level Crop Hair Style

    Crop Hairstyle Magic How To

    • THE CUT  ~~ By combining a smooth, short perimeter and a longer permed interior, Helen Forlani-Pollari transforms somewhat fine hair into a super crop hairstyle statement. The entire perimeter, which is left unpermed, is cut to curve along the neckline and ends in soft side wisps. The interior, from the layered bangs to the center back, is left longer and unblended. Then it’s permed for maximum root lift and ample end curl.

    • THE COLOR  ~~ Always pair permed hair with a safer, semi-permanent hair color. Here, hair in front gets a slightly lighter shade added to woven highlights. It looks just like the sun did it!

    • HOW TO STYLE IT  ~~ Work mousse through from roots to ends, then comb down the nape and fringe. Mist curl-rejuvenator onto the permed hair and scrunch locks as you diffuse-dry. Touch up individual pieces with a round brush, adding root lift and direction in front. Curve part of the fringe down to create partial bangs.

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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