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    Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty

    Seventeen Mag Hits a Home Run with the Ultimate Guide to Beauty

    The good folks at Seventeen Magazine were kind enough to send me a complimentary copy of the Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty for review and I’m impressed! This book is amazing . . . 192 pages of big glossy colored pics, filled with detailed DIY how to and some tips and tricks that I haven’t seen anywhere before. This guide is full of clear information that can be used for years to come with beautiful illustrations on topics of hair, skin, nails and makeup. Each of these topics cover pro tips for looks for any occasion, including recommendations for the essential products and tools to get the look.

    Of course, most of the models are teens, but trust me there is enough must have information here for fashionistas of any age. Here is one quick and easy “DIY how to”  idea to give you just a peek at this beauty guide.

    Loose Bouncy Curls

    Ashley’s look: The Big Bounce

    “I love the fact that this look can be done in a short amount of time, but it looks so put together!”

    Here’s the How To:

    Using a curling iron to create big curls


    A large curling iron creates big, loose waves. Wind your hair around the iron, but leave out the ends for a casual, almost Beachy effect.


    Twist the front pieces back


    Pull the front pieces back to add a unique twist. Take small sections on each side and twist them all the way down to the ends.


    Bring the twists together


    Bring the twists together at the back of your head and keep them perfectly in place with pins. Brush through the ends to blend them into the rest of your hair.

    Ashley says,”Volumizing hairspray makes my curls last all day and also adds amazing body! I use a heat-protecting serum to keep my hair from getting fried from my daily curling sessions. A ceramic curling iron helps protect my hair from heat damage.”

    Anytime is a good time to have a complete  go-to guide like Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty on hand and with all the fun upcoming events with the holiday season ahead, you’ll have the perfect reasons to try all sorts of new looks!




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    Loose Curls Are Hot Right Now

    Loose Curls

    Hot new hairstyles for spring-big loose curls

    Memphis hairdresser Larry DeLancey sees end of the flat hairstyle look, and I say good riddance! I for one, am glad to see a return to more feminine hair dos of soft curls. These hair dos will work with many face shapes, hair types and hair designs. Here, courtesy of is a look at some of Larry’s thoughts:

    Memphis hairdresser Larry DeLancey saw plenty at the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show this month including punk hair with rainbow color streaks and eyelash extensions.

    But the main message was hair styled in big loose curls, he said, whether they fell over shoulders or were swept up in a messy “bed head” do for weddings and proms. Bobs are going soft curls too.

    Soft curls were all over the recent Academy Awards too. Salma Hayek liked them long and flowing; Naomi Watts wore them messy at the back of her head.

    Memphis is usually a step behind in accepting a new hairstyle, said DeLancey. Teens cling to their straight Gwyneth Paltrow hair; mature women are still doing flippies, a la Halle Berry. Nevertheless “I’ve seen a lot more people wanting soft curls than straight hair,” he said.

    Soft curls are created with setting spray and hot curlers or a curling iron with at least 1 1/4 -inch barrel, said DeLancey. Longer hair must be cut in layers to keep the hair from pulling out the curl, he said.

    Thick, coarse hair may require a body perm. Fine to medium hair can be coaxed into lasting loose, curls with Texture Fusion by Scruples, a perm done on sponges, he said. You can style it by simple scrunching or you can use a curling iron.

    Wavy bobs, a fresh look with movement for short hair, can be created at home using a three-barreled waving iron, he said.

    At the beauty show he saw punky mullets streaked in “party colors,” he said, but longer side hair made them not so extreme. Extensions were even more popular, and now eyelashes are being lengthened with synthetic hair bonded to one’s own lashes with bonding glue. It costs from $350 to $550, he said.


    Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.



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