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    The Definitive Kentucky Derby Hat Guide

    Derby Hats Chelsea Clinton Paris Hilton


    Derby Hats Hair: A Hair Do or Don’t?

    Sure the Kentucky Derby is a horse race, but when I think of the Kentucky Derby I think of all those Kentucky Derby hats! So what do I think of all those women covering up their hair with these extravagant and flamboyant Derby hats? I think it’s a definite do . . . depending on the situation, event and what your hair looks like under that hat, of course. But if you’ve weighed up Gucci fake vs real then it’s definitely getting hold of something affordable to make you stand out even more at the Kentucky Derby.

    Here are my rules on Derby hats and Wedding Hats:

    Kentucky Derby Hats Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton’s Derby hat works only at the Kentucky Derby

    Derby Hats Hair Rule #1

    The hat must fit the event and so must the bag for some, I’ve heard of people enjoying a Replica Louis Vuitton bag to complement their fantastic hats. If, say lucky you are going to the Kentucky Derby, by all means wear a humongous, gaudy Derby hat. And if you are headed to the baseball field to take in a game, feel free to don a baseball cap. But please do not just put any old hat on to cover up undone hair. That’s a definite fashion faux pas!“Rules for Derby Hats
    and Wedding Hats”

    Derby Hat Hair Rule #2

    Your hair must still be styled prior to adding the derby hat. Think of the Derby or wedding hat as an accessory. Just like you wouldn’t wake up with bed head and stick a sparkly barrette in the side of your hair, you shouldn’t just throw a derby hat over bad hair (for the Kentucky Derby or anywhere else for that matter). Style your hair as you would normally and then add the hat after the fact.

    Derby Hats Hair Rule #3

    Please, please, please be sure to match your hat, your hair and your outfit. You wouldn’t wear your hair thrown back into a ponytail when you are all dressed up for an important event, instead, you’d coordinate your hair style to enhance your outfit. Do the same with coordinating your Derby hat or wedding hat and your dress and your off to the races!

    Overall, a Derby hat can be a big hit when done right. A great looking hat can’t help but draw lots of stares. Now, use these rules to be sure when all eyes are on you, that your hat, your hair and your total look is all attuned. Follow my Derby hats hair rules the next time you are out at any outdoors event!

    For more great hats check out our Pinterest Womens Hats Board.

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    Derby Hats, Derby Hats and More Derby Hats!

    Derby Hats

    Kentucky Derby Hats Make the Day!

    It’s Kentucky Derby time again and you know what that means? I love em’, Derby hats!! Derby hats!! Derby hats!!

    The infamous,’ Run for the Roses’ also known as ‘The greatest two minutes in sports” has little to do about horse racing and lots to do about fashion, la-di-da stars and starlet’s who are there to see and be seen, the revelry . . . but it’s mostly about the Derby hats!

    “Its Derby Hat
    Time Again”
    Since the Kentucky Derby’s beginning in 1875 fans have gathered in the thousands at Churchill Downs to partake in one of Americas biggest all-get-out bashes of the year. Guys in their bowler hats and silks and gals flirting their fine fripperies with Derby hats and mint juleps in hand.

    And, don’t forget the colorful ‘infield crowds,’ the thousands of regular folks who pay a pittance in comparison to the $3,000 to $60,000 the high rollers pay for their ‘personal seat license.’ These folks like to whoop-it-up a bit more than the sophisticates and they have their own creative styles of Derby hats to reflect their collective spirit. It’s a show!!

    Derby hats belonging to the colorful infield crowd.

    Derby Hats

    Kentucky Derby hats are all about individuality and creativity. Here is a cool site that can bring your ideas for a Derby hat (or any other hat ideas) to fruition! Lady Diane Hats creates simply fabulous hats for any occasion. You can custom order your Derby hats, Derby party hats, wedding hats, Victorian hats, hats for high tea . . . the list is endless. (If you hurry you can buy Kentucky derby hats and you may still be able to get your Derby hat before the big event!)

    Though we can’t all be in Louisville, on the first Saturday in May to experience first-hand the show and pageantry of it all, we may have the best seats in the house to watch the race and catch more Derby hats and fashion than if we were actually amongst the crowd!

    Derby Hats
    Derby Hats
    Derby Hats
    Derby Hats
    Derby Hats

    For more great hats check out our Pinterest Womens Hats Board.

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