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    How to French Braid


    Braids are hot; How to French Braid

    Braids are highly versatile and creative as a hairstyle. Hence, it’s not a surprise that a lot of women like sporting French braids because there is a wide range of styles to choose from depending on what type of look you are aiming for. Aside from the opportunity to be creative, another reason why French braids are very popular is the fact that it requires no expensive tools or products to do. You will be using your best tool – your hands! Plus, a few basic tools such as clips or elastic bands.

    But braids are highly deceitful, though. This hairstyle might look effortless, casual and easy-to-do but it’s anything but. In fact, some people think that there are certain people that are gifted with the talent of braiding and it isn’t something you can learn. Thankfully, those days are gone because you need to adapt a few basic braiding techniques from experts at doing this hairstyle to pull off great looking French braids too – whether on yourself or on somebody else.

    Pre-Braid Prep

    Start by cleaning the hair. Make sure that any dust or grime are completely removed because these can make your hair sticky and difficult to work with when braiding. If you want to get best results from braiding, it’s got to be freshly washed!

    Even though you have to wash your hair prior to braiding, you need to dry it first before starting to work on it. A little dampness is good but wet is bad. You won’t be able to achieve uniform results with wet hair, plus each strand might shrink at a different rate as soon as they dry up. Take the time to de-tangle any strands that have knotted up together.

    If you have split ends, trim the ends off so you will have a more even texture to your hair and minimize the tendency of the sections being tangled up as you weave them together. However, it is a different case when you are aiming for a loose braid because a little uneven texture can actually work for the French braid.

    The Braiding Process

    Always start each braiding process by dividing your hair into neat, even sections. Separate the top and bottom sections of your hair so it is easier to work with them. Use every finger in your hand to keep these sections separate from one another. All of this work depends solely on your hands so this is when practice can pay off because it is all about keeping your fingers familiar with the braiding motion. For beginners, you can try chanting out the weave pattern aloud.

    Don’t forget to smooth out each section as you go because it will be difficult to do that once you have everything braided up. If, in case, a particular section of hair is starting to ball up, use one finger and hold the sections by wrapping it around that finger. Use a brush to smoothen that part again.

    When you are braiding, it is recommended that you maintain the same level of tension on each braid. This is one of the keys to uniform braids. A firm handle on the sections of hair will help you apply constant pressure onto the hair as you braid them in and to ensure that some sections are not tighter than others.

    Additional Reminders

    Take your time – Braiding process is always going to be time-consuming. Learn to make the most of the time in your hands rather than rushing through the job. There is no shortcut to achieving the perfect braid.

    Don’t use a mirror – Watching your braid from a mirror’s perspective will only confuse you because the view is inverted. Ditch the mirror and learn to master the braiding process using your hands. And that is only possible when you…

    Practice, practice, practice! – The only way you can become an expert at braiding is to constantly practice. The more your hands get used to the knotting and braiding process, the less daunting it will appear to you. You can also experiment with different braiding styles as you practice.

    Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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    French Braided Hairstyles Flourish

    French Braided Hairstyles with a Ponytail

    French Braided Hairstyles with a Ponytail

    French braided hairstyles with side ponytails are fun for girlie girls!  How adorable is this French braided hairstyle with a messy ponytail? Easy, chic, messy and just plain fun . . .Voila, instant cute!

    • Part hair on side and split at the ear. Pin the rest back so it doesn’t interfere with your braids.
    • French braid hair back from the hairline toward the back of your ear and pin behind the ear.
    • Tease hair at crown and smooth over.
    • Brush hair into side ponytail and secure with elastic at the occipital bone.
    • Wrap some hair from the ponytail around elastic and pin
    • Curl  1′ sections of ponytail with curling iron
    • Lightly back comb ponytail and mist with finishing spray

    French Braided Hairstyles and Messy Bun

    French braided hairstyles take on a whimsical look when paired with pink flowers and a messy bun.

    • Part hair on side and split at ear. Tie the rest back so it doesn’t interfere with braiding.
    • Split hair in half vertically to make two separate French braids and pin back section out of the way.
    • French braid hair back from hairline (leaving out some face framing layers) to behind the ear and wrap ends with elastic.
    • French braid next section like the previous section.
    • Backcomb hair at the crown and smooth over.
    • Gather hair in low side ponytail and twist into a messy bun pinning ends
    • Wrap braided ends around messy bun and pin.
    • Pin in flowers
    How to French Braid

    French Braids for Prom

    French Braided Hairstyles for Prom or Wedding

    French braided hairstyles take on a more formal look with this updo. Perfect for prom hairstyles or even for the bride or bridesmaid hairstyles, this updo is pure elegance!  You’ll want smooth, shiny hair with some body for this look.

    • Blow dry hair smooth and curl with iron or rollers
    • Backcomb lightly at the crown and brush over to smooth.
    • Create two French braids, each going back from a center part to the occipital bone.
    • Secure braids with elastics and pin
    • Brush remaining hair into a low bun and pin, blending over ends of French braids.
    • Mist with finishing spray

    Another plus for French braided hairstyles, if you decide you no longer want hairstyles with bangs, braiding your bangs and pinning them underneath, is a great way to grow them out!

    How to French Braid

    French Braids with Bangs

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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    Hair Braiding Styles The French Braid

    Hair Braiding Styles French Braid

    Hair Braiding Styles . . . The Three Strands of Grace

    When we think of retro we automatically think of something that has made its mark again in fashion or in the mainstream, one method of hair styling that cannot be referred to as retro; however, is definitely hair braiding styles. In order to be retro this popular hair style trend had to have once been out of style to make its way back in.

    “Hair Braiding Styles
    – the French Braid”

    We all know that hair braiding styles are one of the trendiest hair styling methods, and has always been so. This hair braiding style has acquired its great title because it can be used for such a variety of purposes.

    With hair braiding styles you can keep unruly hair manageable, accessorize with it, it is used as a base to add extensions, and is one little trick that can be adapted for both men and women. Hair braiding styles can be used on long or short, curly or straight, and thick or thin hair.

    How long the braid lasts truly depends on the strength, thickness, dryness, and lastly the overall reason the braid is intended for. There are hundreds of different methods of hair braiding styles, but like any method you have to start with the basics to graduate to the big leagues.

    Step by Step, How to Prepare a French Braid

    1. You can perform this on wet or dry hair it is up to you. (if you want the braid to be more secure lightly damp works best.) Determine where you would like the braid to sit, section a one inch triangle of this section. Split the triangle into three strands.

    2. Hold one strand between the thumb and index finger of one hand and the other two strands between the thumb, index, and middle finger of the other hand.

    3. With the hand that has only one strand of hair, use the pinky finger to slice a section of hair from the same side of the head. (Size of the section depends on the size of the braid, smaller is a tighter braid and larger is a thicker braid.)

    4. Join the new section of hair to the old section between the thumb and index and cross the hair over the first section of hair in the other hand. When doing this take that other hands first section and leave it with the hand that is now empty.

    5. Now with the hand that is holding two strands of hair repeat step 3. Only this time because you have two stands in your hand you are going to cross the one between the middle finger over the one between the index and thumb.

    6. With the hand that has only one strand of hair repeat step three and four. Now all three original strands have been met by new hair.

    7. Repeat steps 3-6 until you run out of hair. When there is no more hair to be joined into the braid you can just cross the remaining three strands of hair the same way as step 3-6 without gathering new hair into the strands.

    8. Finish to the tips and secure with an elastic

    Ashley Simpson Hair Braiding Styles French Braid
    Here is Ashley Simpson’s Hair Braiding Style!

    Now that you have successfully learned the method of French braiding you can go out and have fun with it. The sky is the limit girls! Hair braiding styles are great if you have a fringe or bangs that you are trying to grow out, and you are sick and tired of always having it in your face. You can use just a small braid in the front only on your bangs. Keep in mind that you can make your starting section anywhere, it doesn’t always have to be from front to back it can be from side to side, or from back to front, and you can have any size your heart desires depending on the size of your starting triangle and by the size of your joining sections of hair.

    You can have more than one hair braiding style on your head at a time, and if you don’t want to finish them off to the ends you can stop where ever and secure the strands with bobby pins.

    The only things that I would keep in mind with hair braiding styles is to watch your tension because you don’t want to cause breakage and it is always a good idea to mist the hair with a leave in conditioner before braiding; this will give the hair a little more strength and keep any fly away hairs in place. Well ladies you now have all the necessary tools, all that’s left is to experiment and have fun.

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