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    Costume Hair – Hairstyle Blogs Top 5 Halloween Costumes

    Hair Costumes

    JD’s Mad Hatter . . . the king of costume!

    What does Halloween “costume hair” look like this year? Ohhh . . . don’t get us started!!

    “Costume Hair Ideas”
    Costume Hair, there is so much material to work with here, where do we begin? For all you closet vixens out there, who are just counting the days before you can break out your alter-ego, put on some costume hair and become entirely anonymous for an evening . . . here are some choice costume hair ideas for your consideration.

    Of course, at hairstyle blog, we totally believe if you get the hair thing right, you’re more than half way there! Whomever you choose to emulate this Halloween, try a spray in hair color, dye it, put some hair bling in it, or simply pick up some costume hair and be done with it!

    #1 Costume hair to emulate . . .


    Going for Costume Hair 1st prize? Go Gaga meat dress!!

    Go Gaga costume hair! It has to start with Lady Gaga wouldn’t you agree? We have an overabundance of material to work with here . . . but I think if you can put together a couple of rib eyes, combined with some flank steaks and two eye of the round . . . I think you have a good chance of taking home costume hair 1st prize!

    Pick up some short, medium or long icy blonde costume hair, put on some oversized sunglasses and have a good day. It’s inevitable, costume shops far and wide will be oozing with Lady Gaga costume hair, meat dresses and who knows what!

    A quick 2nd to Gaga costume hair and attire would have to be costumes of the vampire nature! Twilighters everywhere must be so excited!! Here is your chance to sink your teeth into it for real!

    Guys, your vampire costume requires some dark clothing, pale make-up, (don’t forget the eyeliner and dark sultry eyebrows) and a little bit of gel. If you can’t get your hair style to mirror Robert’s, there is sure to be some costume hair at your local costume haunts. Oh . . . and don’t forget to practice your best ‘come hither’ look ahead of time to score the tastiest bites!

    What you need here is not just the wild child hair (costume hair) or a little pink slinky, sparkly, sexy little dress . . . you better have the gams and the rest of the package to go with it or . . . leave it alone!

    Halloween Cosume Wigs

    Think blue! Braided costume hair, cat-like stripes and yellow eyes to complete your Avatar look-alike. Plenty of money saving coupons here for this look;

    Halloween Costume Wigs

    Johnny – the scissorhands – Depp – appropriate for a hair site right?

    Nobody does a costumed character better than JD! We were originally only going to include Edward Scissorhands, perfectly scary, maybe a bit cumbersome to pull off, but with the depth of Depps talents . . . there’s no better looking classic pirate or Mad Hatter (Believe us, costume hair is the easiest way to go here.)

    Hair Costumes

    Too cute to not include!


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