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Funky Hair Color Ideas

Funky Hair Colours

Funky Hair Color Ideas?

A reader asks;

I have strawberry blonde hair and i would like to dye it a light brown and add some blonde at the bottom. i have short layers at the top and long at the bottom. will this look right? please give me some comments soon because im going to book the hairdressers, any pics would be lovely. Or is this just a funky hair color idea?


Couldn’t come up with a picture of the funky hair color as you’re describing, mostly because this technique is more often done the other way around. That is, lighter on top and darker underneath. I recently wrote an article about this funky hair color idea.

“Funky Hair Color
can be stunning
if done right”

Before jumping in, consider this: Coloring the hair lighter on top will be easier to keep up and will create a more dramatic contrast between the two hair colors. The hair on top, if a light brown, will naturally lighten up as the hair color starts to fade and the contrast from the top to the underneath blonde layers will lessen. Coloring lighter on top will high light around the face and the darker layers underneath will look more natural and not quite such a funky hair color.

This type of funky hair color technique, although not conventional, can be stunning if done right, or, it will look like a bad hair color job if it’s not done right. Be sure and find a hair colorist who has experience, believe me, you won’t regret it. Ask the hair colorist what to expect as far as upkeep and cost on this kind of hair color processing for your hair.

So, if I were you, I would first consider lightening your hair with blonde high lights and using a darker hair extension underneath. That way, you will save not only wear and tear on your hair, but also costly hair coloring appointments. You could actually pay for the hair extension in what you save by not needing the hair color upkeep. If you don’t want to go that route, my recommendation would be to go lighter on top and darker underneath. Jessica Simpson’s HairUWear has an easy-to-use hair salon locator, or an online store. They have both synthetic and real hair pieces.


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Creative Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas from Subtle to Striking

This season, the new hair color ideas veer toward softer hues that add light or depth without altering natural hair color too much. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a striking change. After all, the total makeover is what gets noticed most. For those who lean toward the soft side, it all starts with richness.

Restraining in Order

If you like the basic hair color shade you have, can’t commit to high maintenance routines or simply want more vibrancy and shine, choose a hair color that’s close to your natural shade.

Brunettes get richer when you add slightly darker or redder brown over the top. When selecting a home hair color, check the back of the box so you know how the color will look over your natural shade. A touch of warmth can make skin tones glow, plus you’ll be in step with the season because autumn always means warmer, richer shades. Another way to brighten a brunette is through contrast. Add a few golden high lights in front and your natural shade will look darker against them. Clear glossers intensify the shine.

“Get Out of the Rut With One of These Bold Hair Color Ideas”Dark blondes and light brunettes who like warmer shades can opt for soft apricots or medium copper hair colors this season. Either shade can be used for the base or for subtle high lights. If the hair color is just a bit darker than your natural hair color, you can even get it with a semi or demi-permanent hair color that fades away naturally.

Blondes can get a great hair color shift by choosing beach-inspired shades. Sun-kissed hair color comes from a few high lights, a slightly more golden shade or even a strawberry blonde henna hair color. To start off super-subtle, use a chamomile rinse at home. Or, mix a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide with water in a bottle and mist it on your hair. Sit in the sun for an hour and see what you get. While it’s sticky to wash out, sun-baked honey will also give you a natural golden hue.

Sometimes, it’s not that you want your hair color change to be subtle, so much as you’re short on time. If you love high lights but don’t want a big commitment, try bang-only high lights like “Hydra Lights,” which are super-fine high lights created on wet hair. When hair is wet, hair color gets closer to the root, so it grows out more slowly.

For subtle nuances of hair color in minutes flat, ask for high lights just at the crown and around the face. Think of it as “Drive-through Hair Color Ideas.” Also, if your hair colorist uses a diagonal placement pattern, instead of vertical or horizontal rows, one-month-roots are a thing of the past. Many hair salons offer $-per-foil pricing, which also lets you get a hair color change quickly and affordably, too.

Drama Ahead

When you want a big hair color idea, choices expand, From black cherry to pale platinum; gold on toffee to gleaming copper, you can have it all. The newest hipster shade is pink, scattered throughout blonde. To go bolder still, try blue or green streaks.

Great hair colorists know how to accent a hair design for a super-stunning effect. Start with a hair cut you like, then have your hairdresser add a flash of hair color on the focal point of the cut. If your bangs are outstanding or if you have undercut graduation, ask your hair colorist about using a lighter or darker hair color in these areas, or even a shade in a different color family. Black-on-blonde has been a trend for a while, but lavender and aqua are options, too. Or, simply combine red with brunette—the look is exciting but the shades blend better.

Many of today’s hair cuts can be styled different ways, which suggests convertible hair color that changes every time you re-style your hair. For instance, get a more conservative hair color on the surface to work with the way you usually part your hair. Then add a bolder shade that will show up when you part your hair in the opposite direction. You can also get color that reveals itself when your hair is worn up.

The more artful the application and the bigger the hair color change, the more likely it is you’ll have to head to a hair salon. Never try to go from black to blonde or back at home.

Particularly stylish are the new rule-breaking, contrasting hair colors that mix up warm and cool shades on the same head, If your skin tones are warm, you can get cooler high lights added, as long as they’re positioned about an inch away from your face. Because mixing up warm and cool tones demands an artist’s eye, it’s best to look for hair color-specialty salons for looks like these. In fact, any time the hair color change is a big one, you’re better off with someone who does hair coloring all day, and leaves the cutting to someone else in the salon.

If all this sounds exciting but you don’t have the budget—or the nerve—to go for it, modern technology comes to the rescue. Clip in human hair extensions in any shade you want for temporary high lights, or try out some of the affordable human-hair wigs and extension systems that are found in beauty supply stores. You’ll be able to have any exciting hair color shade change you want—for a day or a month. When you’re ready to switch back, you’ll have skipped the potential damage that frequent hair color changes can create. The dazzling, daily possibilities of clip-in extensions just might make a faux hair collector out of you! For more great hair color ideas check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas Board.

Hair color idea article courtesy of Harris Publications


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Hair High Lights New Fall Trend

Attractive Woman with Peek a Boo Hair High Lights Hair Color

New hair high lights technique is the new hot hair color idea this fall

Watch for ‘peek-a-boo’ hair high lights to be the hot hair color trend this fall. The ingenuity of professional hairdressers never ceases to amaze me. Someone is always at the drawing board creating the next new dimension of beauty with hair color ideas and design. Hair color is open to so many interpretations; there will never be an end to its refinement and evolution . . . lucky for the millions of us who love to color our hair!

John Benedetto, director of education at Gkhair has developed a new way of high lighting panels of hair so high lights appear to “peek out” from underneath. This skillful process not only looks pretty, but will add more longevity to your hair color treatments, yippee! He has created a technique of weaving hair color into specific panels or sections of hair so there is no regrowth line at the scalp.  Benedetto says, “Its hidden hair color that shines through from the middle.”

The placement of high lights or color within specific panels or sections of hair, create this unique hair coloring. The hair is divided into three circular panels and sub-panels the placement of hair color is very specific from there.  John shares his step-by-step instructions for professionals in the August 2011 edition of American Salon magazine.

A new fall hair color is always refreshing to do after summers ravages on our locks. This peek a boo new hair high light comes right in time for a new look and it sounds like a winner to me!  Gkhair has also has introduced a new oil based, ammonia free color with naturally derived ingredients. This ammonia free hair color trend is really starting to take root . . . Yeah!!

Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.


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