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7 Ways to Undo Summer Hair Damage

Hair Damage Repair for Stressed Out Summer Hair

Now that summer is indeed coming to an end and we approach the upcoming change in seasons, it is time to take back your hair and the hair damage that has occurred over the summer months. All those beautiful fall hair colors aren’t going to look good if your hair is dried out and is damaged to start with. Don’t stress though, the fix is an easy one in the form of moisture and protein reconditioners. I don’t think there is one of you that hasn’t become familiar with a deep conditioner at least one time in your life.

These intense moisturizing treatments, however, aren’t always the single best answer for dry, hair damage. The problem lies within the hair itself. Think of hair as a bucket. When your hair becomes damaged, either by the sun or from exposure to chemicals (i.e..: color, highlights, and perms) that bucket starts to get riddled with holes. These holes don’t allow the bucket to hold water. The more water you put into the bucket the more water that flows out through the damaged holes. The obvious answer to this is to plug the holes. This is where protein comes into play. It is protein that will fill the holes in the hair/bucket so when you deep condition, the water will stay in the hair.


Ok, ok, I know some heads are spinning right now, but it really is quite easy. The finer your hair, the more protein, it needs and conversely, the coarser your hair, the more moisture it needs. All of you with fine hair, should be using a protein treatment like, Redken’s Cat Treatment, or Grund’s Tiger Protein Treatment, which is my personal favorite. Use a protein treatment at least twice, for every one time you do a deep conditioning treatment.

Now for all those with that thick, luxurious hair, you still need to use a protein treatment first (remember you have to plug up those holes in the bucket!) Next, use a deep conditioner like Redken’s Real Control Intense Renewal Mask. Now remember that you won’t need to use that protein treatment for at least the next three times you deep condition. By eating protein, it can make your hair strands grow longer and stronger. If you would like this benefit then you may want to try these protein bars to transform your hair.

Doing these two simple reconditioning steps, will make your hair shiny and healthy by helping to erase that summertime hair damage.

Heat Cap uses steam to set hairstyle

To make your treatments even more effective, simply cover your hair with a plastic cap and apply heat from your hair dryer for 5 to 10 minutes. If you don’t have a plastic cap, go to the kitchen and grab some plastic wrap or better yet, just use that plastic bag you have from your recent trip to the grocery store.

How to Repair Summer Hair Damage

Six Summer Hair Damage Rehab Tips

As wonderful as summer can be, all that fun in the sun can leave you with badly damaged strands here are six summer hair damage rehab DIY how to tricks

  • Weekly Oil Treatment – It will address moisture loss by restoring your hair’s natural lipid balance. A weekly oil treatment will dissolves product build-up, too, which helps to create a smoother, light-reflecting finish.
  • Find the Right Daily Conditioner – If you have thick hair, try a luscious cream like Philip B. White Truffle Conditiong Creme. If you have thin hair and don’t want to weigh it down try the Lightweight Deep Conditioning Creme just on the ends.
  • Try a Hair Masque – Throw some Katira Masque on clean hair, let dry to a hard helmet, then rinse out; Condition and rinse again.
  • Get a Trim – Split ends have a habit of moving up the hair shaft.
  • Double up on the Hot Oil – If you have extremely damaged hair, use oil treatments twice a week or more.
  • Use a Leave-in Conditioner – If you’re making a few end of summer trips to the beach or pool, rinse your hair with clean water, run some leave-in conditioner or oil through it and cover it with a hat. This will protect you from sun damage and if dive in the water, your hair won’t absorb as much drying salt and chlorine.


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Home Remedies Damaged Dry Hair

Attractive Woman Examining Her Damaged Dry Hair

Tips for treating summer damaged dry hair

PROBLEM: Your hair feels fried and looks as dull as driftwood.

HOW DAMAGED DRY HAIR HAPPENS: Chlorine and saltwater sap moisture from already dry damaged hair and rough up its cuticles, giving it that lack-luster look. Overusing hair care products, which is common in heat and humidity, can also cause dullness. “The more product residue, the less light your hair is going to reflect,” says Keith Harold. Translation: no shine.

TO FIX DAMAGED DRY HAIR NOW: Use a heated iron on your hair (a flat iron if you wear it straight; a curling iron if you like waves or curls). The heat from these tools seals the cuticles, letting hair lie flat and reflect more light. Just don’t overdo it. Using these tools more than a couple of times a week can make hair even drier.

TO PREVENT DAMAGED DRY HAIR NEXT TIME: Use a clarifying shampoo to rinse away product buildup and any residue left by chlorine or salt water. (Try Kenra Clarifying Shampoo) These formulations are gentle on dry, color-treated, and damaged dry hair. Glaze your hair. Both salon and at-home glazes protect all hair types from sun damage and seal in moisture by combining mild dyes with shine enhancers to leave strands smooth and glossy. (Try John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine)


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Hair Damage: Don’t Make it Worse


Hair damage what to do when it is too late

“Hair Damage Tips “ So, you’re perusing the isles of your local beauty supply in search of the right hair conditioner for your hair type.  Some of you might even find yourself in the corner bodega looking for the latest rumored home remedy. Hair conditioners and treatments, even foodstuffs, come with loose promises to moisturize, enhance, repair, restore, and reconstruct hair damage.  The fact of the matter is the best conditioning solution for your hair is balance.

For years, we’ve been taught that hair damage must be reconstructed. Hair is made from keratin, a waste product of our own bodies. Therefore, if you need a good reconstructing what should you use?  Egg whites and pro-vitamin B5, can aid in the moisturizing and healing of the hair and scalp, but what most people don’t know is the way that these products accomplish this can be damaging, drying and even irritating to the skin scalp and nails when applied topically.

Egg whites, as well as liver, kidneys, and plain old potatoes, contain Pantothenic Acid, better known as Vitamin B5. This is good stuff for your hair skin and body, but sorry gals, it’s only effective if you eat it. This type of vitamin is processed metabolically, so eat up and get great hair!

And ladies, the next time you get out the mayo, you better make a sandwich because the only benefit you get from mayo, topically applied, is the vegetable oil making your hair soft shiny, uncontrollable, and waterproof, thereby keeping all of the natural moisture your scalp produces on a daily basis from actually conditioning your hair.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Provitamin B5 (or Panthenol). Panthenol, is the alcohol form of pantothenic acid, commonly referred to as Vitamin B5. In a living cell, panthenol is converted to pantothenic acid which remains as Panthenol but it could become a vitamin if it were ever to reach a living cell. It is marketed as a “Provitamin” even though its effects as a vitamin are never used.

Moreover, since Panthenol binds well to hair follicles, and attracts moisture from the air, it is a moisturizing agent used in shampoos and conditioners. It lubricates the hair, feeling greasy and smoothes roughened hair surfaces making them shiny and easier to comb. Panthenol, however, does not “nourish” hair. It coats it to make it slippery, which makes it only a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

What is my best advice for remedying the problem of hair damage? Besides the underlying obvious answer of not over-doing with too much heat and too many chemicals; have a good hair regime, one that is right for your specific hair needs.

Your hair is basically dead tissue, I might recommend a keratin re-bonding conditioning treatment, which unfortunately is not permanent and can only stave off the symptoms of hair damage. But this type of treatment should be reserved for those who have weak elasticity to their hair and those who have had extreme chemical processes done that sacrifice the integrity of the cortex of their hair.

Talk to your hair professional and decide if your hair is simply lacking moisture or in desperate need of a reconstruction treatment. Before you fill your shopping basket with the so-called, “Provitamin B5” conditioners, or the newest brand of organic mayonnaise, visit a hair professional to evaluate the hair damage of your locks and to get the right formula for your specific hair needs.


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