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Disaster Proof Your Hair Change

Khloe Kardashian side by side brunette to carmel hair colors

Tips On How to Make a Hair Change Without Tears

Don’t leave the salon with regrets! Mia Liguori McHugh Scruples’ co-president and creative director gives us the 411 on how to be happy with your new hair change.

  • Avoid going for the drastic haircut. Have your hair cut gradually and stop at the point where you’re most comfortable. Also, be sure to listen to your hairstylist—shorter hair may be more flattering for your face shape.


  • A new hair color can make for a great makeover, but remember that you will have to live with it for some time. If you’re aiming to try a hair color that’s completely opposite of your current range, try on a wig first to see if the shade complements your skin tone and eyes.


  • Stay within your color range but work your way gradually lighter or darker with high lights or lowlights. This adds dimension to your hair and can also balance your face shape without cutting your hair.


  • Ask your hair stylist to add waves to your hair style. This is a simple way of creating movement, body and texture without locking you into a specific look. If you love them, ask about getting a Scruples TEXTURE FUSION Service for permanent, beachy waves.


  • Add layers. This is a foolproof hair change makeover strategy that will give your look a lift without causing a disaster.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications


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Free Virtual Makeover iPad Review

Screen Shot of Instyle Virtual Makeover App

The newest hairstyle virtual makeover tool!

If you’ve found yourself in a hairdo rut and have a hard time making a change, hairstyle virtual makeover software may be just what you need!

Every hair stylist will tell you they have more than a few clients who struggle with making changes to their hair style.  I know it well, not only working behind the chair but I did virtual makeovers with the very first hair styling computer imaging systems way back in the 1990’s. For nearly 10 years I worked with thousands of clients who wanted to see what they might look like before committing to a new haircut or a different hair color.

Styles on Video, was the first virtual hairstyle makeover tool I’m aware of. We snapped pictures of clients and superimposed hair styles on the image. Users could bring photos with their hairstyles and hair color changes to their appointment to consult with their hairdresser. Before hair makeovers, the only tool available for describing a style or hair color to your stylist came from magazines or salon style books.

The Internet soon embraced the concept and all sorts of online makeover sites started popping up.  If you’re interested in checking some out, we did a broad, comparative review of “Face in the Hole” sites. These sites vary in quality and ease, some are free and some will cost you.

The newest tool in hair makeovers is the iPad InStyle Hairstyle Try-On App, introduced last month as a free iPad app. I tried it out and decided to do a review, so here are my thoughts on it.

It takes some time up-front to get the hang of how to fit the hairstyles to your face shape . . . so give yourself a break and have some patience.

  • The iPad has its own camera so your picture is instantly uploaded . . . a great feature. I needed to take the picture a number of times to get one that was centered and where I was looking straight into the camera (an important issue in getting the virtual hairstyles to fit right.)  Tip:  get a picture you like!


  • It has a feature that determines your face shape. It was wrong on the first outline I did, it told me I had a square face shape and I’m a long oval. Outlining is done by adjusting dots to determine height, width, jaw line and width at temples. It got my face shape right after I readjusted the dots to add height and taper more at my chin. It’s touchy.


  • Don’t expect the hairstyles to fit when first placed on your image. You will need to adjust the width, length and height of the style by clicking and dragging a number of dots strategically placed on the hairstyle. It also lets you adjust up, down and sideways.  Give yourself some up front time to play with it and it will pay off.

Celebrity Hair Style Virtual Image on Instyle customer photo

You can save your favorite celebrity hairstyles and bring them in to consult with your stylist, or send them to friends for their opinions.  The 16 different hair color try-on feature is also easy to use.

I’m a big fan of virtual makeovers. Sure, it’s not your hair but neither is the picture you point to in a magazine.  Find a good stylist and this tool will be invaluable for making good hair style and hair color choices in the future!


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