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    Innovative Hair Ideas: Anti-Aging Hair Products

    Innovative Hair Ideas Article

    Innovative Hair Ideas, Anti-Aging Hair Products

    Visual Makeover covered it in its article Hairstyles that Make You Look Younger. I had a student in one of my classes ask me the other day, “So what’s your take on the new anti-aging hair care products out there? Are they worth the money? How do they differ from other moisturizing hair products or products that are made to give hair shine and body?
    “Innovative Hair Ideas”Great questions! I don’t know exactly, but the same questions have come to my mind! It’s really a mystery to me as to what qualifies a new hair product to fall into the category of being, “anti-aging.” I mean, hair is dead anyways! Can we really stop it from becoming deader? Having some Pterostilbene might make their skin and hair look younger? Well, I don’t mean to sound cynical, cause I’m always looking for the next new innovative hair idea, but I just don’t have the answer to my student’s great question. I know the point of anti-aging skin care products, they actually have things like hyaluronic acid for skin that could help to make your skin healthy, but I don’t really know what falls under anti aging products for hair.

    If you’re an executive of an innovative hair care product company out there who manufactures a line of “anti-aging hair products,” set me straight. If you’re facing retirement age and you’re wondering how equity release could help you financially during this time, take a look at Key Advice.

    Meanwhile, Kristle seems a bit more diplomatic . . . here she shares her input on the matter of anti-aging hair care products;

    We are a society obsessed with looking younger and that’s a fact. So with a beauty industry that is chock-full of anti-aging skin products, makeup, etc., why not have anti-aging hair products too!

    Well now you have that option. Several hair care product manufacturers have incorporated these anti-aging innovative hair ideas and put them into action by creating products designed to give your hair its youthful bounce, body and shine back.

    Innovative Hair Ideas Article

    Innovative Hair Ideas: Alterna’s Caviar line is the Ultimate in Anti-Aging Hair Indulgence. Companies like Alterna and L’Oreal Professionals have jumped on the anti-aging hair product bandwagon. Alterna offers a complete line of luxurious hair products called Caviar. Their Caviar Anti-Aging line promises to improve the all-over appearance of hair by using luxury products like vitamin C and yes, caviar extracts! I can say that when I used this line, my hair felt richer, more moisturized and shinier than before.

    Beauty bargain companies like Dove have also started selling anti-aging hair product lines into the mass markets. Dove sells Pro-Age, which is a head-to-toe line of anti-aging products that can be found at retailers like Target and Wal-Mart now.

    If you want more shine and bounce in your hair, using anti-aging hair products is a great idea for you. Don’t be fooled by the name though, anti-aging hair care products will not give you your youthful color back or perform any hair miracles. These products are designed to moisturize hair and add shine and brilliance.

    Moisture is lost from the hair and skin as we age, so any anti-aging product is going to add moisture back into hair or skin to help regain some of what is lost. Overall, I like these anti-aging hair care products. I think that the ingredients are great.

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Aging Gracefully Board.

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    Too Old for Long Hairstyles?

    Shiny Hair

    Long Hair Styles, Not Exclusive To The Unseasoned

    Visual Makeover covered it in its article Hairstyles that Make You Look Younger. How many of you ladies have asked a trusted friend, “Am I too old to wear a long hair style?” I know it includes a large number of you, at least for those who have worn a long hair style sometime in your life. I guess you can just call it another one of those questions we women have a hard time answering objectively.

    We are living in a time where the old myth that says, “women shouldn’t wear long hair after age . . . let’s say 30,” has clearly been debunked. The credibility of this old belief has proven to be totally untrustworthy. But, the sad part of it is, I know there are many of you 50 somethings who want to wear just one more voluptuous, long hairstyle, before hanging it up, but have just been too afraid of making a big fashion faux pas! So here is proof that all old wives tales die-hard . . . but, read on to know what to avoid too!

    “Long Hair Styles on Older Women”

    Jaclyn Smith will turn 61 in October and there is no telling when she would need to cut her hair to be politically correct. She is the MC of the show, Shear Genius on Bravo TV and I have to say, I like her long hairstyle better than any of the hairdressers I see on the program. The multidimensional color and hair style are beautiful on her. I know, I know, she is beautiful to begin with but that’s not the point . . . 61, long hair style, gorgeous!

    What’s the trick to pulling it off? In my class, “Finding the Right Hairstyle for You,” women consistently ask me how old is too old to have a long hairstyle. If you want to wear a long hairstyle that looks great, first of all keep it trimmed and healthy. Your hair doesn’t have the natural body and shine it had when you were younger. Most women need to have a healthy hair regime, use PureOlogy Nanoworks shampoo; Kenra clarifying shampoo and Joicco K-Pak deep conditioner (especially if you color your hair).

    Next, seek out a great hairdresser. An experienced hairdresser will give you an appropriate hair style for your face shape and lifestyle. Pay close attention and learn what tools, hair care products and styling techniques you need to recreate an updated look of your long hairstyle. (If you don’t, you will have it looking like something out of the 70’s . . . Egads!)

    So here’s some more encouragement for you ladies to cast out the old miss-information . . . and show that the old 50 is now 30 (or something like that).

    Nicole Kidman Long Hairstyle

    Congratulations Mom & Dad on your new baby girl, Sunday Rose! Nicole Kidman not only debunks the long hairstyle myth, but also at 41 and pregnant looks incredible.

    Jane Seymour long hairstyle

    Jane Seymour at 57 can still wear long hairstyles.

    Christie Brinkley Long Hair style

    Christie Brinkley with long hair at 54, not looking worse for looming divorce.

    Susan Sarandon long hair style

    Susan Sarandon’s long red hairstyle is lovely at 60

    Goldie Hawn long hair style

    Goldie Hawn . . . still looking exquisite with a long hair style at 60

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Aging Gracefully and Long Hairstyles Boards.

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