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    Hairstyle News From Around The Web November

    Kate Moss Hairstyle

    Here are some hairstyling, beauty and fashion articles that you might have missed recently

    • Stars hair care ranges rated ~~ Does celebrity endorsement or a hairstyle created for a big Hollywood celebrity make for a better hair care product? That is what the UK Sun wanted to know, so they had women on their staff test and rate six different hair care products all with celebrity hairstyle cache. Not very scientific, but interesting reading none the less. Celebrity hairstyles mentioned include: Avril Levigne, Billy Piper, Vernon Kay, Mischa Barton, Beyonce, the Duchess of York, Kelly Brook, Myleene Klass, Jamelia, Helena Christensen, Erin O’Connor and of course Kate Moss

    • News and reviews on beauty products that won’t break the bank ~~ I know a lot of my readers must do their hairstyling on a limited budget, regular trips to a hairdresser and expensive hair care products are not an option, so I try to keep my eyes open for articles that help. Here from is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. This article really goes into some depth on three hairstyling brushes: Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Red Porcupine Cushion Brush, Sephora “The Classic” Hair Brush and Mason Pearson – Boar Bristle and Nylon Mixture Pocket Size Hair Brush. Other products mentioned are facial cleansers and an eye brow grooming kit.

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    Hairstyle News From Around The Web

    beauty spa

    Here are some articles that you might have missed recently

    • Making Time For Beauty ~~ Just recently, I have been trying to pay more attention to bringing a little more balance into my life by letting go of being busy. So this article from the Trinidad Express really hit home with me. But many of the tips seem to encourage multi-tasking, which quite frankly does nothing but stress me out even further.


    Frizzy Hair

    • The How-To Lounge: Beating Summer Frizz ~~ has a timely article on how to tame the frizzies this summer, for all of you who have curly, kinky and wavy hair. Good tips on how to keep things under control on these humid summer days.


    • What To Do When Hair Color Grabs ~~ Don’t even think about coloring your hair when it is anything but its most healthy condition. Even with healthy hair, a hair coloring gone bad can be the outcome if the hair is damaged, dry or unusually porous. It’s like pouring gasoline on the fire. Fellow Glam’er Christina Jones at has a humorous story behind her picture above, as well a must read for those of you who have done the dirty deed and are looking for some solutions.


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