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    Save Time on Back-to-School Hairstyles!

    Screen Shot of Great Clips Wait Time App

    School hairstyles just made easier!

    In the next few weeks, families everywhere start organizing their calendars around the customary necessities and rituals of getting back-to-school.  Here is a new revolutionary service that can save you precious time on squeezing in those hairstyles for school.

    Great Clips, Inc. has just introduced their new Online Check-In service. The new service allows you to add your name to the wait list at any Great Clips salon from your computer or iPhone.  Although Great Clips has always worked off the principle of low wait times, this gives the customer more control in managing their busy schedules.

    “Not surprisingly, our research shows customers don’t want to wait,” says Rhoda Olsen, Great Clips CEO. “We’ve always been focused on keeping wait times low, but with Online Check-In we can make our customer’s wait even shorter; our test markets show about 80 percent of folks who check in remotely wait less than five minutes on average once arriving at the salon.”

    What a great idea this is for everyone! If you’re busy out and about getting back-to-school supplies and clothes for the kids but also want to squeeze in haircuts, just log in to to see where and when the most convenient timing is for you. Your information is immediately put into the salon’s computer register and your name will appear on the wait list. Customers are taken in the order they were added to the list, whether they check in remotely or in person.

    With back-to-school haircuts starting to fill salon chairs everywhere, you may find waiting periods longer, especially at family orientated salons like Great Clips. This innovative step by Great Clips seems especially timely for all to get familiar with using their new technology. And this service is sure to be helpful for not just the back-to-school group, but for anyone who wants to have more control on how long they wait for a haircut.

    The new Online Check-In service is available at Great Clips’ 3,000 salons across the United States and Canada, including free iPhone and Android apps. Thanks Great Clips!!

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    Cool Hairstyles for School

    School Hairstyles . . . Want to get noticed by the guys?

    I got tasked to write an article about school hairstyles earlier this week and kinda came up with writer’s block at first. Then my wife and I took a day off and went to the Great Minnesota Get Together! The Minnesota State Fair. The minute I got through the gates we were greeted with a throbbing gaggle of humanity everywhere there were people.

    “School Hairstyles
    Just Say No to
    Long and Straight”
    After about two hours of stuffing myself with every food concoction that could be deep-fried and put on a stick. I decided it was time for a cold one, a bench in the shade, and some serious people watchin. We started watching the school hairstyles to see what was hot and what was different from last year to see if we could spot any interesting hairstyle trends.

    What became immediately apparent was that not much is changed . . . It is was hair school look a like contest that was going on with every high school lass. Sure, there was occasionally a nice low light job here and there, but other than that, it’s the same old, same old school hairstyles. Every single one of them had long, below the shoulder straight hair. They all look the same . . . it is hard to tell one from another. They all seemed to have simple hairstyles for school, here is the look that they all copy:


    Cute Easy Hairstyles for School
    School Hairstyles

    Come on gang, get a grip . . . you won’t be noticed by a guy if you have the same school hairstyle as every other girl in the hallway. If the guys in your high school are as sick of this tired school hairstyle as I know they are . . . they are really going to pay attention to you if you change it up and do something a bit different in a school hairstyle.

    That is especially true of those of you who have oblong or rectangular face shapes. This hairstyle makes your face look way, way too long. If you have a long face shape or a long nose run, don’t walk to your hairdresser and get one of the cool hairstyles for school . . . now!Also those of you who have oval and heart-shaped faces should avoid these long stringy looks as well, as you are pulling the focal point away from your gorgeous face shape.

    Anyway lets Just Say No . . . to the long straight hairstyle. Here are a few easy hair styles for school to try:

    Hair School


    Easy Hairstyles for School


    Quick Hairstyles for School

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