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Round Face Shapes can be Slimmed

Hollywood Actress Cameron Diaz with slimming hairstyle

Thinning a round face shape, hairstyles for round faces

For those of you with round face shapes, or feel that you’ve become more round looking because of weight gain, here are some hair style and make-up tips just for you.

I have discovered that the visual sight line, where your attention is drawn to on a person’s face, is enhanced by where a hair style terminates. So, making certain that your hair style terminates below or above the jaw line, keeping the hair close to the face vs. rounded or full on the sides and creating height on top are the most flattering shapes for round faces or square face shapes.

A favorite shape of mine for a round face or square face shape, or someone who wants to minimize a few extra added pounds, is what I call a diamond-shaped cut. This has height on top, crown or bang, minimal amount of width at the temples and a tapering length that just reaches collar length in back which is full enough to be seen from the front. It is just the right amount of hair, not too short and not too long, and it is a classic haircut that only requires styling it differently to update its shape.

If you have a round face shape or feel you want to slim down the appearance of your face, stay away from big-hair looks at all costs. Try to avoid hair styles with lots of action going on at ear level.

There are lots of things that can be done with makeup that will give the illusion of more length or make a full face appear thinner. I recently ran across this article which may include some new tips for those of you who want to slim down the look of a round face shape.

Arched brows: highly arched brows elongate the round face; pluck hairs below a full brow bone or fill in sparse brows with an angled brush & brow powder

Play up brow & cheekbones: use a shimmer powder as a slimmer by gliding it over your brow bone; on your cheeks from apple to temple


You might also want to look at my article about face shapes I have a special section just for hair styles for a round face shape. For more hairstyles that might make your face look thinner check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Round Face Board.


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