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Easy Hairstyle with Hats!

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“Without hats, we would have no civilization.” Christian Dior

Want to make a fashion statement and have an easy hairstyle? Get a new hat!

At a hairdressers show I was at this weekend, I saw two versions of this cap that caught my eye, both times the hairstyle underneath was . . . Pig-tails!

Lisa Gregory, a platform artist from England, representing Graham Webb, donned this look as she wielded her shears showing new razor cutting and new hair styling techniques. She had thin, fine hair with pig-tails which would not normally be an option, until pairing up with the cap. She wore a wool, chesterfield cap in browns that was fun with her blonde hair, brown boots and gauchos.

Hats transform the wearer, there’s the fun! So, the next time you’re looking for a quick and easy hairstyle, grab a hat instead.

For more great hats check out our Pinterest Womens Hats Board. and Get a new Hat!


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Best Hair Care Tip for Summer

Jennifer Anniston

Summer Hair Made Easy

Finally, here at least, it’s starting to look like we will have a spring and summer after all. Whew!

I’m a big fan of hats and summertime is about my favorite time of year to wear them. I like them in all shapes and colors, casual, funky and dressy . . . they all work for me. In summer, I especially like the casual hats that hide icky-hair care days and add a little attitude at the same time.

Came across Jen Aniston’s picture today and thought posting it might get some of you gals thinking about what to do about summer hair care protection your precious locks when out sunning this summer. If you color, high light, lowlight, glaze, relax or indulge in any hair care chemical treatment, it will behoove you to cover up when you are out for extended hours in the heat of the sun. Of course you’ve heard it all before.

So next time your out on a fashion spree, visiting some of your favorite haunts, try on some funky hats. It helps to have a girlfriend along for feedback, it’s hard to be objective about hats.

Reese Witherspoon in a perfect summer hair hat

Best Hair Care Tip

Jessica Simpson easy & casual 

Best Hair Care Tip
Sister Ashlee Simpson caps it off for the fun of it!
Best Hair Care Tip
Kiera Knightly . . . cute fedora and cute friend!

I’m not done with posts on summer hat’s yet. There are just too many hats . . . and too little time.

Check out the link to my article on womens straw hats for some more ideas to think about.



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A Pillbox Hat for Your Wedding?

Pillbox Hat

The Pillbox Hat, a New Wedding Hair Accessory Trend?

Abby asks: “I have long hair and my dad wants me to wear a hat on the day of my wedding. Could you give me some ideas of how to wear a hat with my dress and everything?”

A pillbox hat, as well as other types of bridal hats are famously flattering and seem to be coming into vogue as a popular wedding hair accessory right now.

Pillbox Hat
The Pillbox Hat

“Pillbox Hat Triumph”The pillbox hat can be a fabulously fun wedding hair accessory. You may remember Jackie Kennedy, a fashion icon in the 60’s, made the pillbox hat famous. Jackie gave the pillbox hat a classy reputation that still holds today.

The pillbox hat is a small hat that works well on most ladies and especially on petite brides. It is a fashion statement in itself yet it won’t overwhelm the rest of your look. Pair a pillbox hat with a short veil and a fitted gown. Famous brides that have donned the pillbox hat as a wedding hair accessory include Martha Stewart!

Pillbox Hat
The Cocktail Hat

Just like the pillbox hat, the cocktail hat is a classy small wedding hair accessory that makes a big statement. You will typically see a cocktail hat decorated with a small veil and/or feathers, bows or other frills. I suggest wearing a cocktail hat the same as you would a pillbox hat, with a fitted gown.

Derby Hat
Picture, or Derby Hat

When I see brides wearing picture hats, it reminds me of the old-thyme Southern Belle’s getting married at an afternoon affair in the backyard. Picture hats are also known as Derby Hats are usually large brimmed hats decorated with frills such as bows, feathers or even a small frontal veil.

You can wear a Derby hat with almost any style of wedding dress you’d like, but keep in mind you will probably be removing it sometime after the ceremony as it may become a bit cumbersome. The problem is you run the risk of bumping it constantly while greeting your guests. So be sure you feel comfortable with the hair style you are hiding under the Derby hat as you will more than likely have lots of pictures sans the picture hat!

Abby, I think your Dad is right; you can definitely wear a hat on your wedding day. Although you didn’t describe your dress, the choice is yours on whether the hat you choose is small and petite like the pillbox hat or a large and classic look like the picture hat. The sales people in the bridal shop would be helpful in giving you great options to choose from.

For more great hats check out our Pinterest Womens Hats Board.


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