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L’Oreal INOA Hair Color Breakthrough!

INOA Colour

L’Oreal Hair Color Professional to Release Innovative Hair Color INAO

“L’Oreal INOA Hair
Color Breakthrough”
As I reported a few months back in this article L’Oreal hair color professional brand will come out with a new no-ammonia hair color product early next year. L’Oreal INOA (Innovation No Ammonia) is supposed to revolutionize the hair color world with its ammonia free hair color. Celebrity hairdresser, Kim Vo, recently weighed in about the new L’Oreal INOA hair color line.

Kim, considers himself a watchdog for the hair color industry and had this to say, Traditionally, ammonia has been used to open up the hair cuticle to allow the dye molecules to slide in, which, as we all know, is less than kind to the hair. L’Oreal INOA works in an entirely different way. Although the exact process is proprietary, I can tell you that the product replaces ammonia with monoethanolamine, and then adds an oil-based gel that replicates the natural essential oils in the hair. Just as the hairs own oils penetrate the hair shaft, so does the gel in L’Oreal INOA, allowing the dye to be deposited.

This product will benefit both hairdressers and clients alike because L’Oreal INOA offers a hair color option that is sans ammonia, less irritating and has less of a harsh chemical smell. My thoughts are that L’Oreal INOA hair color, will do very well because it is highly anticipated and highly in need in the professional hair color world.

Kim Vo feels that this new L’Oreal INOA hair color product, may help hair colorists to do their job much better than before and that the hair color industry may never be the same again. He is ready to jump in and try the new L’Oreal INOA hair color line as soon as it is available.

INOA Color

INOA Hair Color

L’Oreal INOA says that INOA will be revolutionary because it will provide up to three levels of lift, which means that if you have a natural shade of medium brown hair, you could easily get to a dark blonde. But another BIG perk is their claim that it gives 100% gray hair coverage . . . all with no ammonia!

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