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    How to Match Skin Tones and Hair Colors

    Hair Skin Tone

    Hair Colors for your Skin Tone? . . . Reader’s Ask These Questions

    Here were three recent excellent questions women asked on my article, How to Determine Your Skin Tone. If you aren’t sure if you are in the warm or cool hair skin tone category, check out the article.

    I seem to be a warm skin tone person, but I have Rosacea, so what hair color is best for my skin tone without enhancing the ruddiness in my face??

    Thanks Tam


    Tam, I’m assuming that you don’t expect this disease to be improved in the near future with treatment? The Mayo Clinic reports that often this disease can be resolved with early treatment. This obviously would eliminate the need of a temporary hair color change. Also, I hope you have found some of the yellow or green tinted pre-foundation creams and powders that are available as a temporary fix for your hair skin tone issues.

    However, if you have any shade of red hair color in your hair, be it a cool or warm red, it will accentuate the ruddiness of the Rosacea. I don’t know what your hair color is now, but stay away from extremes in your hair color. Extremely dark , light or bright hair colors will make your hair skin tone stand out. Now, it would be better to wear, soft middle of the road hair colors. That would include soft caramel browns, browns with soft golden undertones, or muted blondes with added soft brown tones.

    I’m confused. My wrist veins are blue. But, everyone says I look good in red, emerald green, black, white, light yellow, and light orange. When I wear hot pink lipstick my family hates it, and outsiders admire it. It brightens my face, but has a clownish look. What are my hair skin tones warm or cool?



    My best guess without seeing you, is you have predominantly a cool hair skin tone. The red hair colors that will look best on you are burgundies, mahoganies and reds with a blue base to them. Warm reds like Cambell’s soup can red, or Lucille Ball red, will not fare as well on you. Emerald green as well as black are neutral hair colors that all hair skin tones can wear. The funny thing about bright lipstick colors, is if it’s a new look for you, you will look, “made-up” to those who know you intimately. However, for those who don’t have a certain expectation of how you should look, they will see you more objectively! My guess is you can wear that “hot pink lipstick” well with your hair skin tone, it’s just a more of a “made-up” look than you normally wear.

    What about Indian skin tones? I can’t figure out if I have cool or warm hair skin tones.



    Not every Indian’s hair skin tone is the same, just as not every Afro American, Spanish, Caucasian, Latino, Asian or any others nationality would be the same. If you can’t identify whether the undertones of your hair skin tone are in the warm or cool area, ask a few professionals. Get a few opinions. A professional hair colorist would be great one to ask, or a professional make-up artist should be able to tell you as well. Bring a girlfriend with a good eye, with you to the mall, and try on some different hair pieces and wigs with the idea of seeing what hair colors work best on you!


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